Put some Padding on Your Pudding & Dance, Dance, Dance!


I used to know this sorry son of a bitch, he would cry and whine about his dried out puddin’. Then he found Puddin’ Moist by Selvcorp. It not only keeps you moist and ready for action, but it can also boost your self esteem.

They are a fine Sponsor for SLTM (the Podcast), and we could not recommend their product more. So don’t let your puddin’ get dried out and flaky, keep it moist and happy with Puddin’ Moist by Selvcorp.

(*disclaimer. May cause violent diarrhea. Then again that might just be all those burritos you had for lunch)

MUSIC ON EPISODE 176 OF SLTM (the Podcast):
Signals Midwest
Jonny Rodgers

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