Ppppuuh….Podcast! Yessh!


I’ve been around the world and I have seen many a thing but not until last Tuesday had I ever seen a man do a full puppet show with his bottom. I mean this guy put Jeff Dunham to shame. I didn’t see his mouth or rectum move once. All for $5 and for an extra 4 bucks you could take a few turns at the potato bar. Well, let me tell you, I’m going back for the New Years Extravaganza and I think you should be there too.

To Find out how and where listen to this brand new episode of SLTM (the Podcast)

Music On This Episode of SLTM (the Podcast) #90:
Dusted Angel
Ross The Boss
Disguised as Birds
Till Plains
Creations End
LP Track: THE BIG THING –In the Elbow Room -“Reality Bus”

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