POOTIE- Man Pig – Music Essay


Calling this a music review would be missing the point. I’m neither trying to convey a positive or negative view of this music. You should not base your further study of this music on the fact that I reacted to it in a way that might jibe with your beliefs. What I am trying to do is ignite your interest or at the very least spark some conversation. Here’s what I think this music makes me feel, reminds me of and conveys to me. Now you take it and run with it. I am not criticizing the work, on the contrary I found it interesting enough to talk about.

Man Pig

This is a name your price digital download. So do yourself a favor or don’t, click the bandcamp link above, give it a listen and give Pootie a few bucks for his hard work.

Reminds me of Tony/All, early Descendents, Guided by Voices. Some of these songs are long, I think Pootie would be better served by shorter songs, i.e. early GBV. Like the kinetic energy behind “C.B.”, while it’s the shortest song its got some good energy. Like the beat. This kid has a lot of good ideas. I can hear a lo-fi Tripping Daisy or some hints of Sebadoh. There are two or three songs in each song. At least. I still say he benefits from shorter songs, break up some of these songs, a seven minute ride through the woods on a snowmobile with no seat might be a bit much to ask of some people. Great ideas. Good execution. Needs a producer or editor.

Some of the songs tend to be overlong, with lots of change in each song, you can of lose track of what song you are listening to and where you started.

Bandcamp was made for artists like this, to release a song or two at a time. When you don’t have to sit on the songs too make an album, this kind of site really makes use of your creative energy. Sitting on these songs for three years and releasing them all at once doesn’t serve Pootie.

The conventional album is no longer the accepted frame work, what’s an album anymore? Some artists have stopped releasing music in a bunch, for good or ill, but it seems like this would be a better option for Pootie.

“Two more Years” perfect example of too much. Song is over six minutes, but at the 3:32 mark the song slows to a California roll. It really could be two different songs.
“A start at the dinner table” plays like the end of an 80’s comedy movie soundtrack during the closing credits. Different songs play, parts of songs, the end of the soundtrack “hit” all rolled in to give you a flavor of the music you just heard in the movie.

Lots of good ideas, melodies, and riffs floating in and out. I couldn’t put it into context, the above track and really the flavor of the album, until it brought to mind the end of a 1980’s comedy. Then it all fit.

*This review was written by someone who watched some really crappy television in his childhood, not Full House bad, but Knight Rider and Three’s Company bad. So really, what the hell does he know about anything? Not shit, you’re right. So take this review with some pills or a grain of salt, whatever you kids are doing now adays. And hey, thanks. brad@fatrobotradio.com *

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