Please Welcome our Guest of Honor Morty Martin


If you can recall where we were five months ago, I would say you were paying attention. If not, then a quick recap is in order.

While trapped in the woods with a Broken Leg and a sprained wrist, Morty Martin, had fashioned a set of crutches out of the bones of a dead horse. Amazingly when we found him he was doing sideways push ups against a tree. Really it speaks to the human condition when a man can basically take himself out of a situation of near death to one of great celebration and joy. Of course, we probably shouldn’t have left him there to die, but hey, he shouldn’t have eaten all the Cheez-its, now should he? No.

Imagine our joy when he finally made it out of the woods. What an amazing story. To commemorate his journey in song we’ve put together this little show. Enjoy, and try to follow along with the story, it’s an amazing story of true human power and suffering.

Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast):
Pattern is Movement
LP TRACK – Judge– Bringin’ It Down (LP)- “GIVE IT UP”
Drugs of Faith

Favorite Link of the Episode: Check this Out. Farflung CD 25,000 Feet Per Second

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