Peaer – S/T- Music Review


Tiny Engines

I do like the guitar sound on this release. Sometimes I’ve noticed when bands get this sound, a kind of chiming perpendicular buzzsaw with the safety guard but it’s starting to come off sound, they tend to make it thin and a bit over distorted, Peaer mixes it right.

“Third Law” has some nice harmonies, very well used, right emotional heft and completely integral to the feel of the song.

I went to high school with a kid, oh lets call him J.C. Marsh, and he was a depressed kid. I liked him, very intelligent but never stuffy or condescending about it, a bit gothy and fun to hang out with for certain allotted periods of time. I just couldn’t, as a manic depressive, be around that much sadness, real or not, for any extended period of time. For me to expect that this person has remained the same all these years later is a bit of selfish narcissism on my part.

“Sick” is catchy as hell and might be the most upbeat song about being tired of yourself. It wonders why you can’t be something else or at least change a marginal amount just so you can shift focus. Jesus, I’ve been in that town before, stayed a few years and almost didn’t make it out.

**Brad Bugos wrote this review. He’s really sorry that his words couldn’t be more expressive or even more about the music, but things pop into his head, and they tend to be about how he feels emotionally awkward every time he takes a breath or moves. Thank god you’re not him. Email if you want brad@fatrobotradio.com or leave a message below. Thanks and happy arm huggery. **

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