Our Darkest Days Interview

Our Darkest Days released their new album A COMMON AGONY on Bird Attack Records in November 2016, I had a chance to talk to them via email about Music, Canadian People, Humor and how to kill the boredom while touring. Thanks to the band for talking to me and Tony from Earshot for setting it up. 1. This is your first release together, did you have any idea of its sound before you went in to record it? We had a good idea what it might sound like. We had worked a lot on our sound and we were equipped to make pre-production. But as for the final result, once the mixing and mastering was over, we had no idea that the guys we worked with would deliver such a product. We have chosen beasts, and we are really happy and proud of what it has given.   2. Did playing in other bands help you form the idea of the sound of Our Darkest Days? Any things you wanted to do different or a different direction you wanted to go?   ODD is a grouping of former members of different projects that we had together over the years. When we started composing we had a guideline, we knew where to go. We didn’t want to deviate from a few points and to have experienced certain avenues in the past together, prevented us from repeating the same errors we made before in the composition of the songs. It was obvious to us that we wanted to go into the fast, technical, and melodic. The worst aspects that we had in the past have been left out. Just like the way we write song lyrics, we chose to take what we did the best and put it all together in what we are doing now. 3. Some of my favorite comedy comes from Canada, SCTV, Kids in the Hall, Norm MacDonald, are people from colder climes naturally funnier? That’s a good question. Historically, families in my part of the country often gathered to spend the evenings together, to celebrate, to organize big suppers. We all have an uncle or a grandfather who tells stories to make us laugh. I think the fact that it is cold and we meet in the winter in our houses has made us people who are close to our family. In my opinion, everything starts from there, from our surroundings. We are more focused on...

In Defence- Don’t fuck with the Dungeon Master – Music Review

In Defence Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master indefence.bandcamp.com Sounds like early Anthrax, early 80’s hardcore, metal. Love the high note bellow in the song “Dungeon Master” . Speed metal with a sense of humor. If you told me this was unearthed from the 1980’s, I would believe it except the clear crisp production makes it hard to believe it was from that era. “Grill or Be Grilled” is funny, enjoyed that a lot. A band with a sense of humor , where have they all gone? At least we have In Defence. It just sounds like they are having fun, which is something I think is missing in music, and hard rock/punk rock especially. Music tends toward the serious, and that’s fine but there needs to be some silly bullshit and sense of humor in the lyrics to wash out all the mud. Listen to some of these song titles “Tacos til Death”, “ADHDTV”, “Fun with Beer”. It’s like the metal I listened to in college, SOD, Anthrax, MOD, bands with some heavy rage but with a sarcastic sense of humor and a skewed way of looking at the world. Damn I forgot how much I missed it. Fast speed metal. I couldn’t have enjoyed his release more. It’s music and bands like this that I continue making SLTM (the Podcast) and writing music reviews. Sometimes I get bogged down and an overwhelming feeling comes over me when I get so much music, and some of its hard to listen to or talk about. It gets tedious and boring, but then stuff like this comes along, and it’s fun, well played speed metal like back in the old days and I find my faith and determination renewed. I absolutely love the tongue in cheek high pitched yell in “Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master”, motherfucker that’s pitch perfect. It recalls a memory and it makes me laugh. Let’s hope this band continues making music and that they realize what a breath of fresh air their music and humor is, I know I enjoyed listening to this release. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He has been reviewing music for over 25 years, and he tends to get bitter and angry at small tiny little things that don’t matter to anyone else. That’s why he only writes about six music reviews per run of episodes of SLTM (the Podcast). Some day he’s going to have a heart attack or stroke...

Broken Cross- Through Night to Light- Music Review

Broken Cross Through Light To Night Broken Cross Bandcamp Broken Cross Facebook El Duce had a son and he’s here to rule the Metal world. You would swear or at least I would, that it’s EL in the background of this first song, his ghostly voice floating out of the grave. “Poison of Insanity” is a seven minute song with a lot going on. Real good, really interesting. Lots of ideas floating around, breaking in and laying over. I like the “Uhh Yeah” in the background of “Foresaken Existence” . It’s the little things that set music apart for me. The production on this release should also get notice, along with the playing and song writing. If this were a standard metal release it would be too heavy, too muffled, but the way it’s layed out now, the drums off in another room, banging away, it works. If there was thickness it would ruin the songs , this way its more open and they breath. Dig the guitar solo in “Open the black hole”, now if this were another metal band that would not sound like it does. This band seems to understand that picking out the best parts of other bands or sounds that they like and using them regardless of if they fit the mold, works for them. “Poison of Insanity” , is that children laughing and playing or some sea gulls down at the shore , squawking in terror? Hard to tell. It’s the only song over five minutes, most are around three and a half. A good way to end the album too, put your magnus opiumus at the end. Leave a black print on your way out the window. All and all I would suggest this release to anyone who likes metal, who likes and misses El Duce (cause the singer does touch the great EL’s hood with his singing at times) and for whom life feels like an endless journey outside in the dark bleak cold to get a can of lager. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He uses Dave’s World the horrible TV sitcom to fall into a deep sleep every winter in hopes that he won’t wake up until baseball starts. Never works though, as his face and ass start to go numb and he has to get up to take a piss. Reviews are like a sandwich, someone once told me. You add to much mayo and the whole thing...

Commercials from Episodes 253 to 260 Part 3

Hey there folks, glad you could join us for Josh’s birthday. Crazy that he’s 23 already but hey here we are. Beers are on the table, we got a band coming in at 8pm to get the place rockin. Just remember, don’t mention Jennifer to Josh, not a peep. Otherwise we’ll be cleaning up tears, spit and urine like we did on St. Patty’s Day. So enjoy, feel free to mingle, and hey, thanks again for coming down. Blood Truth Bandit Blood Truth Obedience Commercial [ 1:37 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Bandit Commercial Number 14 [ 1:09 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Complete Lost Empires Interview from October 2016

I had a chance to talk to the full band in October when they visited Bloomington, IL. I was able to get their thoughts on a lot of subjects. Here is the complete interview. Check out their music too Lost Empires Lost Empires Complete Interview October 2016 [ 12:44 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Commercials from Episodes 253 to 260 Part 2

These are two Northless Commercials that I wrote, voiced, edited, and produced for my podcast. I enjoy doing them and next year I hope my testicles drop so my voice can sound deeper. By the way, you should really check out Northless, we happen to love their music here at SLTM, they are really good. Northless Commercial #1 [ 1:33 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Northless Commercial #2 [ 1:39 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Geometers 4 Song EP – Music Review

Geometers 4 Song EP Jetsam Flotsam This may only be a taster of what Geometers sound like but these are four very strong songs. Plus you can get their full length Pay To Live which just came out in December of 2016 on Jetsam-Flotsam (a wonderful Chicago record label). While driving rock may be a bit of a standard indentifier and hardly descriptive enough for the band, it is an attack point to their design. It’s like we were going to a party out of town, and while you were fumbling around for the directions to Lamp Hill, you wanted something to drink and some rock to help you see. While those things are not necessary to the ability of your group to get to its destination, they sure as hell help you get loose and ready for your late night jog through the woods when the cops ultimately break up the party and you have to make a run for it. I can see us, a few drinks into the night, cops pulling up the lane, and we make a break for it. Nothing but our wits, some alcohol fueled stupidity and the song “Sidearm” looping through our skulls. As we stumble laughing through the woods, of which we know very little, the pace at which “Sidearm” breaks whipping through our minds helps us to keep pushing it until Keith finally picks us up three miles away by Fishers pond. “It was only that jackass Jeff Coogly with his dad’s flashing lights” he tells us as we get in the car heading back towards the party “not the cops”. And so as we go back to drink some more out in the country on a lane that only farmers use to sow their crops, we put Geometers back in the player, cursing Coogly’s dumb ass and thanking the drinking gods that we didn’t impale ourselves on a rock or stick while running like idiots. All the while the four song EP creeps into our subconscious for our next mad dash into oblivion. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He remembers well the times he spent out at Def Leppard Hill, Roach Road, Van Halen Valley and Three Bins. Times spent drinking, chasing girls and listening to rock and roll. He would have been cool with hearing this four song EP, especially in the place of Steve Millers Greatest Hits. Comments, opinions, problems? brad@fatrobotradio.com . Thank...

Commercials Part 1 from Episodes 253-260

We like to make our own commercials for the bands and artists that send us music. Not only does it help us fuel our creative side but some day in the future someone might actually use one for their podcast and help spread the word about the artist or band. Of course that’s way in the future, when I’m dead and you’re in jail for my murder. Basement Benders Basement Benders Commercial 1 [ 1:11 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Basement Benders Commercial 2 [ 1:14 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 260

SLTM Episode 260– I Wrote a song to my penis, it’s called you are the wind above my balls Topic – “Stuck On You” by Huey Lewis and The News is really about an obsessive stalker Geometers: (full review soon) – I like this. Good Release. Could have played “title fight” as well, really good song too. Demon Lung: I Like Demon Lung. I like their last LP. A few times when listening to the beginning of this album I swore I heard people talking down the hall from me. But no. I’m going to have to go back and listen to their last album. I don’t remember Demon Lung being so deliberate and Ghostian in their approach. “You worship death, I worship life” from DENY THE SAVIOR. Was not ready for this one, I didn’t realize how much they had changed. Sound more like Ghost BC then I remember. Not a bad choice, just different and then again I could be remembering it wrong. I do hear a ton of music every year. I don’t like it as much as their last one, just a touch slow for me. Faye: “We act pretty, but deep down we’re ugly as hell”. I do like the tuning on the bass guitar. Loose and rumbling. Song structures are a bit too straight forward but pay no mind to that, they are just a vehicle for the words. Singing is good. This could be a band that is just starting out, learning the chord structures of the punk and new wave bands of the 70’s and 80’s. They would fit in with those new wave bands well. This is what I imagine a punky Go Go’s would have sounded like starting out had they never had aspirations to write pop songs. Could be Liz Phair fronting a new wave pop band. There’s a song about seeing friends bands and bands being the only ones that see your band is interesting. Knola: “Earth Noise” is an interesting track, fades up to feedback then out. A strange choice in the middle of the album. This is just an observation, and if its right or wrong only the band could explain it. I like the sway of “Cottage Grove”, good vocal hook too. “I swear I’ve never loved you more than right now” is always a lie. Don’t believe anyone who says that to you. I like the singers vocal style, he goes up on...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 259

SLTM 259: Here’s Something I’ve always wanted to do….punch a yak! Also not appearing on the Show: IIVII – Colony – this takes a very long time at the beginning to get anywhere, and then it’s not really that excited about making the trip any faster. For an eleven minute song, it doesn’t start to get louder or anything really until about nine minutes in. I don’t get. I think I might be too damn dumb for this one. It sounds like a soundtrack to a 1980’s movie thats about the future and the future is bleak man. Bleak. I wonder if this is for some movie, its very atmospheric using lots of keyboards. Outer space, dark, unforgiving and uncharted. These are the voyages of the people who did not come back, but damn did they have a rocking band, and man did they funnel that lonely dark into some dizzying songs. Resonantiivii.com Music: Burnt Books– Singer starts off in the first song sounding like Maynard from Tool. Then shifts into an anguished cry/scream on the next song. I would put this band on the Touch and Go Records label if they were around back in the 1980’s. Harcore-ish Jesus Lizard . “I can’t escape my brain, I can’t stop thinking” , wow a kindred spirit. I was having a discussion on this topic just a few nights ago coming home from the Dean Ween Group show in St. Louis. Tiny Tim and Ms. Vicki had a baby and he’s quivering all over “La Rosa”. Where the hell did that come from? Sings on that song like he’s a injured, angry person on the verge of killing himself after yelling out the window to a betrayer who is leaving. Henrietta– (full review soon) Heartfelt and Genuine. How does one band manage that where so many others fail? Maybe they are genuinely being genuine. There was a great pop band from Chicago in the 1980’s, early 1990’s by the name of the Slugs. Their lead singer Dag must have had children, I don’t know, but the singer from Henrietta could be his son. They sound very similar. There is a underlying melancholy to this music, a melancholy that in my younger years would have caused me to question if I really wanted to be here and why I had fuckered everything up. Now I don’t care. The Lovely Days– If the Hoodoo Gurus had grown up in the 1990’s listening...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 258

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 258 : The Best things in life for you, are me. Topic: The Lady in the Phillip Bailey/Phil Collins song “Easy Lover” was a total Tramp Music on Episode 258: In Defence: Full Music Review Coming Soon. Sounds like early Anthrax, early 80’s hardcore, metal. Love the high note bellow in the song “Dungeon Master” . Speed metal with a sense of humor. If you told me this was unearthed from the 1980’s, I would believe it except the clear crisp production makes it hard to believe it was from that era. “Grill or Be Grilled” is funny, enjoyed that a lot. A band with a sense of humor , where have they all gone? At least we have In Defence. Body Origami – Three songs. Slow building pop music. Just don’t hear this kind of stuff much anymore. At least I don’t and I hear a ton of music every year because of this show. Nice to hear something different. Dreamy, almost soothing. Last song is five plus minutes. Let’s see if they can sustain this mood for that long. Hey they did it. I gonna have to give this quick EP another run through. Daniel G. Harman – Nick Cave and the Flaming Lips had a baby who grew up listening to Sun Kil Moon, Wilco and Red House Painters while cultivating a beautiful man voice. Okay his voice is not that beautiful, more quavering, coward in the bushes singing to his lovely than Dirk Stackhouse in They Draw Quick, Don’t They? At one point while listening to this, I got a strong “I’m so Worried” by Monty Python vibe. The quavering voice can get a bit Lane Mundy if you know what I mean, it’s nice and different but a little variety would better serve his music. I like the backing vocals on “Zocalo” . Haunting. I don’t notice the vocal inflection on the harder songs. Middle of the road, acoustic pop music. He Whose Ox is gored– so far it’s heavy music with some shake to it. The Cult as a heavier band but without Ian Astbury immitating Jim Morrison while peacocking around the stage like Elvis’ illegitimate kid. The Singer yell sings , which is markedly different from growling or screeching. Faith No More without the goofy charm , sense of absurd humor or Mike Patton. More straight ahead with some flourishes and longer songs. “Alpha” starts off as a...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 257

SLTM Episode 257 – What are you doing here? Watching you poop. Topic- Clips from an October Interview with Lost Empires Music On Episode 257: Lake Ruth – Cold Play with pleasing female vocals. There are worse things than writing cotton candy for your ears. A lot of things. Songs kind of roll by without much notice. A pleasing sunny afternoon, that as you get older you really soak in and look forward too, but as a kid or young person you can only take so much of. I find this nice pop music to be a little too much for me to take in, oh sure a few songs of it, but I’m a miserable bastard, so it’s tough. We could have chosen any song from the album to play, all pretty representative of their sound. As if the Archies were fronted by a woman after hotdog was hit by a car. You don’t need a band for this type of music, an acoustic guitar or backing tape would work as well. Crom Dobh: (Full Review Soon) album start off like a cut from a Soundgarden album, “Mind Riot” or “Searching with my good eye closed”. The guitar work in “Kings II” is phenominal, its just a good overall song. It’s driving rock with sonic guitar licks and barely legible vocals. Throat graveling vocals. Drums are low in the mix. Usually with metal that is heavier, the drums are loud but these sound almost thin. “the invulnerable” has a nice slow groove. Vocals prove to be a valuable tool on this song. Adds the right atmosphere. Kind of sullen creepiness. “Kings II” (And We Ride) would be a perfect song for a nordic horse saga, and WE RIDE!! guitar at the end of “Sedation” is so damn good. Aree and the Pure Heart – John Caferty and the Beaver Brown band are back in town for one night only. A bit too earnest for it’s own good. Sounds like the music that the Assasins would write and play behind Gigi in Dennis Leary’s unfunny, trite piece of crap TV show Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. That show is not funny and I like Dennis Leary. This release is like Rod Stewart as a twenty year old writing songs too get into girls pants. All style no substance. I wish this was a joke release, the guy has a good voice but the songs are just trite bullshit....

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