Old News, but does it end well?


Here’s an old review of my magazine SLTM (the Magazine) that I dug up the other day and I thought that I would share with all you Viagra and Porn spammers that flood my site. Enjoy it as much as I enjoy “hot anal fucking” and “grow your dick bigger and meatier”.

From Razorcake Magazine (don’t recall the issue) :

Silly Little Trouser Monkeys #20 8 1/2 x 11, newsprint, 20 pages.  This starts off like THE ONION, with the fake news headlines and what have you, but it’s just not very funny. And to think, there was so much promise with an article on the decline of cunnilingus rates. The Highlights are one guy who became disillusioned with Television when they canceled ALF, and another part where I not only learned how to make an Orange Julius, I also learned a short history of the Orange Julius.  – JOSH

And to think that I stopped publishing this magazine when all I ever got was positive reinforcement from magazines like this one. Actually Razorcake is a fine magazine, they just know shit when they see it and at least the guy read the issue. Fine work.

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