Obscure 80’s Songs cure Herpes


There was a time in my life when I thought anything was possible. Want to own the Yankees? Easy just try harder and keep your goal in front of you. Do you want to grow a large penis? Easy, just exercise that baby and it will grow, grow, GROW. How about getting that foxy chick in Psych Class? Concentrate as hard as you can. See it, be it, Live it.

Now that I’ve reached a certain age I realize, all that stuff is bunk. Just a load of crap we tell ourselves so that we can make it through another miserable year. Don’t strive, don’t reach, you’re liable to pull something. My advice? Don’t wake up before noon, drink lots of coffee and hate yourself. It’s fun in here, won’t you join me?

Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast)
Seven Sisters Seven Sisters Myspace
Glimpse Trio
Tin Armor
Harm’s Way
Gauntlet Hair
Ghost Robot Ninja Bear
LP Track- Swallow the Bird “Migraine” – 1987 Scorpio Records LP

Check out this Site for cool reviews and song files of obscure LP’s – Willfully Obscure

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