Nurses – Dracula- Album Review

Nurses – Dracula- Album Review

Cover for Nurses DRACULA LP

Nurses – Dracula- SC Distribution – Releases September 20th 2011 – Review by Brad Bugos

I’ve been listening to this new album from Nurses for a better part of two weeks. So all in all I would say about 10 complete play through of this album, 11 if you count that I’m listening to it as I type this review.

Let me say this right off the bat, I haven’t written a music review in years, since my zine, SLTM (The Zine), went belly up or more like head between the legs vomiting. So this is a somewhat re-learned experience typing up a music review.

Now about this album, DRACULA by Nurses. It’s really damn catchy. I mean this thing really hooks into you and even though I hate to say this, makes me generally happy that I can sit down and listen and talk about new music. Sometimes it’s a drag, getting all this music, because sometimes you have to wade through some really horrible shit to get to something decent. It’s times like this, when a record label will send you a digital copy to review, that it’s worth all the trouble.

There are a lot of poppy soundscapes on this album, really almost hypnotically so. The songs all have a very strong pop/dance back beat or under current. It’s nice and subtle, nothing that just over powers the songs or your brain when your trying to enjoy a good pop song. I get the feeling that these guys could write a straight ahead pop ditty that would be wonderful, but that it would not have the same impact and joy that these songs do with something behind them. It just wouldn’t be as fun.

Listen to the single “Trying to Reach You” and tell me that these guys can’t craft a damn fine pop song. They could be like some bands and add way to much and clutter up the song. Their strengths lie in their songwriting and their ability to allow enough to make the song enjoyable, catchy and interesting but not overdoing it. It’s a fine line that some bands just can’t walk, most want to over do it with the noises and atmosphere.

“So Sweet” is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and really shows off why the band can create a fine song. It’s these danceable, rhythmic moments that they create for the listener that not only makes for a good song but a strong vibe and feel. Plus the harmonies are perfect, not over laid to the point of distraction.

It’s nice to just sit down with a good pop album, enjoy the songs, and not be hit over the head with so music background noise that it interferes with your ability to just sit and listen and enjoy an album. There is not a weak song on the album. With DRACULA, I think Nurses have crafted a really good if not damn perfect pop album.

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