Nonagon- The Last Hydronaut – Music Review

Nonagon- The Last Hydronaut – Music Review


Last Hydronaut EP
Controlled Burn Records

In the Fall of 1988 I went away to college (well community college), in a town about three hours from where I grew up. I didn’t know a soul. I was so ready to get away from everything I knew, that I didn’t care that I was going to be all alone and lonely until I made some friends. I did eventually make some friends, including Tony Motherfucker whom I still good friends with to this day.

However, one of the things that really helped me get through all loneliness and feeling out of place, was the college radio station I started working at. You see, Lakeland had WLKL 90 FM and that was one of the reasons I chose to go three hours away to college.

One day I was looking around in the program directors office, and I found a few records sitting there , All’s ALLROYS REVENGE, Steel Pole Bathtubs BUTTERFLY LOVE, and The Hickoids WALTZ ACROSS DRESS TEXAS. I asked if I could have them, and If I could start adding them into my next show. The PD said, with a flair of who gives a shit, “sure”. So began my life long love of finding and sharing music.

I have to also give credit to a girl whose name I don’t remember for playing different types of music on her show to spark my interest, and to Darin Foley for pointing me in the direction of the Didjits, the best band to ever come out of Central Illinois (suck it REO Puddwagon).

Why dive into the past, the beginnings of my burgeoning love of music? Why relive this moment while reviewing the new slab of audio dynamite from Nonagon? Did I forget to take my pills this morning and think that I’m writing another love letter to Charles Kuralt?

It’s bands like this, and releases like this that invoke in me some type of nostalgic dinner party. I hear this record and it reminds me of a simpler time in my life, when I had only being weird, alone and starving to worry about, and not all these nooses around my adult neck.

I found such joy in discovering the new LP from the Warlock Pinchers, or The Pagans (granted it was a Pagans compilation LP), that even though it was weird being way out of my comfort zone, all this really interesting music made me feel wanted and less alone.

It’s how I still feel today, hearing new music that is sent to me.
Sure, I could say that this record reminds me of STRAP IT ON era Helmet. That there are tinges of all the great Chicago punk rock bands from the 1980’s in there, Effigies, Big Black, Shellac and the like. I could also say that to me, this band should be touring the states selling out 1000 seat venues sharing their music and their energy with grateful audiences.

But, the older I get it’s less about what this sounds like or whom the band is influenced by and more about what this music brings up in me.

This band reminds me of a time in my life when things were a bit simpler on one level, and yet I was still crippled by my growing weirdness and inability to interact with others. I found this music, and along with my weirdo girlfriend, it kept me away from all the dark places my mind wanted to go and live.

It may sound hyperbolic, and it’s not really, but I really feel honored to be able to hear sounds like this, to enjoy them and have a feeling about them, more than just putting the record on the player or listening to the MP3’s and thinking “This is okay, I could listen to this if I was in my car”. Not only is this an enjoyable release, with some nice sounds, good old fashioned punk rock with a tinge of hardcore, but it creates a joy in me that keeps me looking for other music.

So many thank you’s to Nonagon for creating a winner, not only does it make for a good listen but it helps me realize that there are still good bands out there creating good new music and because of bands and artists like this, I’ll keep my search going.

Also I would like to thank Jerry Dir from Phratry Records, it had to be his influence that had Controlled Burn and Latest Flame sending me stuff to play, listen to and review for this site and Podcast.

Not only do I think that you should buy this 12 inch record from Nonagon, but I also think it’s your goddamn duty to see this band in your area when they play live. Or hey, better yet, put on a show in your town and invite this band to open up for Satan’s Butterchurn or Downstate Crank. Not only will you get a good band, whose energy and sound will be soaked through by the end of the set, but you can say you were the guy who was smart enough to book Nonagon.

Damn Straight!

Review by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

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