Music Review – Azure Emote – Gravity of Impermanence

Music Review – Azure Emote – Gravity of Impermanence


Music Review
Azure Emote – The Gravity of Impermanence – Azureemote.com

This is your growling slow it down, speed it up type of metal. However this album has something else that other bands of this ilk don’t have. It’s a sense of experimentation. There’s a bit of goofy fun in it as well. No, they are not Weird AL for metal fans, but they have a sense of whimsy in the songs. Yeah, I know how that sounds, and it may turn off some metal fans , but it shouldn’t.

There’s a lady singing opera in parts, saxophone and horn parts, some swing and swagger with the throat growling main vocals. This is not your ordinary speed metal. Plus throw in some poignant slices of movie quotes and you got yourself an interesting listen.

Check out the saxophone and movie quote breakdown on “Destroyer of Suffering”, and the wonderful violin part. It picks up again after that break, and gives you a punch in the face.

Plus the vocals are not your normal growled unintelligible muffled mess, these are vocals that work , they make sense and are easy to enjoy.

This album is well produced, not overly slick or polished, but open and easy to hear the different breaks and parts in each song.

There are these vibes I get as well from this album, they put in mind the old horror movies. Foggy, cold, spooky old mountain town, where everyone shuts their shutters and windows, and no one will help you find the castle. If I was hip enough I could pull out a movie reference and you could look it up and agree with my assessment. Or not.
Such beautiful violin at the beginning of “Veils of Looming Despair”. Really, where the fuck are you going to hear something like this album? It’s got such an interesting mix of sounds and styles of music. This song here? It’s got two female voices singing to each other opera style. Come on, you don’t want to check that out?

Give this band a chance, they have an interesting mix of sounds, and none of the songs went by unnoticed. After reading this review, follow the links below and hear them for yourself or just type in Azure Emote in the search here at SLTM and listen to the Episode they are on and enjoy.

Wait, is that a mad woman crying out at the end of “Veils of Looming Despair” ? Alright, now I have to hear that again.

Azure Emote Bandcamp – azureemote.bandcamp.com go here to listen to the song “Epoch of De-Evolution”. DDL $10, Digipack CD $10, 12” Double LP Vinyl Gatefold (with bonus Songs) $20.

Brad Bugos – Host of SLTM (the Podcast) brad@fatrobotradio.com or twitter.com/frankdell45

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