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This 11 song debut album bridges heavy and pissed off hardcore, punk rock and death ‘n’ roll. Raw, yet catchy and energetic, these are tunes that could attract fans of Entombed and Integrity as well as Tragedy or even Damnation AD. Fast, angry and discontent, these anthems are sinister and with a hard groove throughout. The lyrics inspire listeners from an “us vs. them” perspective. No triggers, no overproduced radio friendly bullshit. Daymares are not out to please anybody: they want to play their music as it was meant to be played, inspiring people to scream their lungs out and go berserk.

Track list:
1. Get Us All, 2. Almost There, 3. Into The Night, 4. As Bad As It Gets, 5. Falling Down, 6. Suicide Watch, 7. Key Witness, 8. I Shit You Not, 9. Cult Leader, 10. The Bigger The Lie, 11. iContact

www.daymares.org | www.myspace.com/yourdaymares



The central Poland-based remarkable powerhouse bring forth their follow-up to the 2004’s “Seeds Of Cruelty”. On “Progress” the band serves extra 30 minutes of mad, straight-forward grindcore, distinctive to no other but them. Their massive and catchy sound breakdowns, immense metallic noises, impetuous shouts and socio-political lyrics all make this quintet the incontestable major repesentatives of the Polish ground. With the fourth album, Toxic Bonkers prove highest status in over 10-year-long career. For fans of Napalm Death, Sepultura, Terrorizer, Bolt Thrower, Benediction.

Track list:
1. Emptiness, 2. Evolution, 3. Denial, 4. Manifesto, 5. Hole In The Head, 6. Face The Fact, 7. Progress, 8. Anti-Violent, 9. Geophobia, 10. I Will Resist

www.toxic-bonkers.prv.pl | www.myspace.com/toxicbonkers

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