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ZOROASTER – “Dog Magic” CD  Street date will be September 11th
Atlanta, Georgia’s heaviest band returns with their debut full-length album, “Dog Magic”! Picking up where they left off with their debut self-titled EP last year on Battle Kommand, Zoroaster return with a devastating album of epic psych-doom metal that truly showcases the bands massive progression over the last two years. Moog synths, theremins, haunting vocal choirs and even a brass section (!!) are brought to the table this time to add to the massive heaviness that protrudes from all angles of this beast-of-a-bands sound.
Truly innovative and totally devastatingly heavy, Zoroaster are here to let the world know that REAL doom metal is alive and well in the United States. Plans for extensive touring are in the works. Zoroaster will be taking on the United States again this summer with Christine (see full dates below) and again this fall, and will hopefully be reaching European shores in early 2008.


07/14 Lenny’s – Corndogorama, Atlanta, GA

07/18 Murphy’s, Memphis, TN  

07/19 Downtown Music and Records, Little Rock, AR

07/20 Jackrabbit Lounge, Shreveport, LA

07/21 Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA w/ Mouth of the Architect, Big Business 

07/25 Jack Rabbit’s, Jacksonville, FL

07/26 Crowbar, Tampa, FL

07/27 *T.B.A., Tampa, FL

07/28 Rooster’s, Auburn, AL

07/30 Tasty World, Athens, GA

08/01 Cumberland’s, Charleston, SC

08/02 The Milestone, Charlotte, NC  

08/03 Ground Zero, Spartanburg, SC

08/04 The Jinx, Savannah, GA

08/06 Knitting Factory, New York, NY w/ Rosetta 

08/07 Europa Brooklyn, NY w/ Rosetta 

08/08 Nietzsche’s, Buffalo, NY w/ Rosetta 

08/09 Ravari Room, Columbus, OH w/ Rosetta 

08/10 The Hideaway, Johnson City, TN w/ Rosetta 

08/11 Ethyl’s, Roswell, GA w/ Music Hates You

08/20 Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA w/ Black Corba, Music Hates You 

08/25 Repent, Athens, GA

09/19 Lenny’s, Atlanta, GA w/ Withered, Waited, Daath

09/21 Otto’s, Dekalb, IL w/ Withered 

09/22 The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL w/ Withered 

09/23 *T.B.A., Indianapolis, IN

09/24 *T.B.A., Toledo, OH

09/25 *T.B.A., Detroit, MI

09/26 *T.B.A., Cleveland, OH

09/27 *T.B.A., Columbus/Cincinnati, OH w/ Withered

09/28 *T.B.A., Richmond, VA

09/29 *T.B.A., Charlotte, NC

10/06 “Doomed To Fall Festival”, San Antonio, TX (lineup coming soon! 3-Day doom fest)

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