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SLOUGH FEG “Hardworlder” release: Full album preview available

It’s here! The fans have waited more or less patiently for this new SLOUGH FEG release, expectations grew day by day and it looked like it was never to be released… Now after having spent over 6 months in the studio, SLOUGH FEG are ready to release what it’s going to be a serious candidate to their “best album ever” award, “Hardworlder”!

It was November 2005 and on a German train Mike Scalzi told us that the “next” would have been a 70s-guitar inspired album: as a matter of fact, in 2007 with the help of “Don” Angelo Tringali the band has produced SLOUGH FEG’s most guitar-driven album! New drummer Antoine Reuben-Diavola together with the precise bass-playing of Adrian Maestas supplies the heaviness needed and song after song the album flows on a thin but always-present sci-fi background, providing cold shivers of pleasure as each song touches the depth of any Hard Rock / Heavy Metal lover. Two wonderful covers such as “Dearg Doom” (Horslips) and “Street Jammer” (MANILLAROAD) make this album something that can’t be missed.

It’s really the time to say it again… BUY OR DIE!

Cover by James Lyle, release-date 14/07/2007

Line up: Michael Scalzi – Vocals/Lead guitar , “Don” Angelo Tringali – lead guitar, Adrian Maestas – bass guitar , Antoine Reuben-Diavola – drums.

* “Hardworlder” is proud part of the “Try Before Buy” CRUZ DEL SUR campaign. It can be heard fully online @ www.cruzdelsurmusic.com/hw/prev_hardworlder.htm.

www.sloughfeg.com | www.myspace.com/sloughfeg

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