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Above the Horizon

Hear their song “Living for the Weekend” on SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 267

“Living for the weekend” is a poppy charmer in the vein of Oregon’s Parson Red Heads and should be the first choice for the first single. Yeah, “Living for the Weekend” is a strong song for the band, good country beat, wonderful sweet harmonies. I would have lead off the album with this track. You can forgive it’s vacation commercial pretend importance. It’s not the bands fault if some company hijacks it some day for a commercial to promote their states tourism or sunshine product.

“Lost in a dream” is just missing something, it’s a bit pedestrian in need of a dead hitchhiker or a plum fairy flying through the scene to give it a boost. Singer sounds a bit like a tired Kevin Thista.

The Song “like a river” is what I imagine the offspring of the fellas in the legendary country group Alabama would sound like if they started their own band. Did he just say “Where did my jesus go”?”In “dealin with the devil”? Its not the song I would have put first, but that’s been mentioned above. Reminds me texturally of TPOH but only if Moe Berg didn’t have any of the teen angst.

Alright, now that the album has sat with me for a few weeks, it’s time to put some new ears on this thing, which is something I recommend when reviewing a release. Our first impressions are always very primal and instinctive but I find that I flesh out my ideas better after repeated listens, then a break of a few weeks and another few listens.

I do like the strings in the first song, nice touch. It helps break up a six minute plus song, but the song never feels laborious or extraneous.

“living for the Weekend” is such a winner here . Just a good rambling down a country lane, beer in the back seat on a sunny spring day jaunty rocker. Good stuff.

“Lost in a Dream” sounds like a different band, one that listened to a lot of 90’s pop music, and wondered what it would be like to be the Cranberries.

“Back when the west was mine” reminds me of some great FM Rock radio I heard as a kid in the 1970’s. It would have fit perfect in between the Rolling Stones, and Steve Miller Band. It’s a wonderfully guitar driven wagon train jaunt through the old west.

“Let me be your Man” has a funky Stevie Wonder bass line to it, such a diverse style of music on this release. Female vocals are a nice touch too.

“Summer Worries” calls to mind for me at least, the space troubadour folk of Beachwood Sparks, a perfectly balanced fit of Gram Parsons with Pet Sounds era Beach Boys whimsy.

Look this is a really good rock, pop record. With lots of countrified guitar, different attempts are varied styles (and those attempts succeed way more often than they fail) making this this album worth your time, it’s just a nice exercise in a band making catchy, varied rock music, fun enough to keep you bopping but varied enough to keep your interest.

**This review was written by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com He has written many reviews and has yet to get one right. I mean he’s really dumb, the kind of dumb that forgets to put shoes on before he goes out to mow the lawn. Yeah, that kind of dumb. Anyway, he tries really hard to describe music so that you’ll be interested in checking it out and making your own opinion. He’s like that guy down at the grocery store who stands outside and tells you not to buy any of the bananas or oranges (whatever it is that week) cause they are bad. Well, actually he is that guy. **

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