A.M. Nice EP Music Review


A.M. Nice
Phratry Records

I like the song “Dust and Ash”, got some nice ringing guitar too it. Really jumped off the computer for me when I was listening to this while writing some garbage for this podcast. Yeah “Dust and Ash” just really has such a nice vibe too it, plucking away hitting those right spots in between, I like this song.

“Passion for Fashion” gives me a good feeling when I hear it, but I wonder if I’m not reading the lyrics/word sounds right.

I have a video idea for the song “Dust and Ash”, one that I think, well at least in my feeble mind, would convey what the song means. Open on a high rise office complex, thirty or forty stories high. Interior of the first floor with someone walking up to the elevator, but the elevator is already moving as we can see by the numbers slowly increasing. We faintly hear some rock music. Cut to interior shot of office complex on the twenty seventh floor. The music coming from the elevator is getting louder as the numbers get closer to floor twenty seven. People from the twenty seventh floor start to gather around the elevator, wondering what is going on inside. The door dings, the elevator opens and there is A.M. Nice rocking out inside the elevator playing their hearts out. The song gets close to the end, the door shuts with the music still playing. Close in perspective to the elevator doors and the numbers hitting floor 40, doors open as music fades, out walks a normal looking lady in a dress, smiling at the world. Fade out. Oh and we can either cut to the band rocking it in the elevator in between people gathering in the lobby on floor twenty seven or the person at the end of the video. I can story board all this for you in need be.

Look I would like to say that this idea of mine for the video to “Dust and Ash” is available to the band free of charge. Hell I’ll even drive to OHIO, scout some locations and shoot the damn thing for them. That’s how much I think this make sense to me. But then again, I am just some small town dummy with a stupid podcast.

**Brad Bugos wrote this, well review would be too kind, this thing. He’s been a little out it since he heard that Carl Weathers heard part of his podcast once and didn’t hate it. So take these reviews with a grain of salt, what we would like you to get out of it really is to peak your interest in this band, so that you’ll find them and check them out and hopefully enjoy them too. Contact brad@fatrobotradio.com. Thank you**

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