Lawnmower Whack Yer Brain EP Music Review

Lawnmower Whack Yer Brain EP Music Review


Lawnmower- Whack Yer Brain EP – Save Your Generation Records- Four Song EP- Release Date 4/20/13 – Digital and 7 Inch Record – Bandcamp Page

Music Review by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

The RIYL note on the bio page nails it pretty good with Superchunk,Lemonheads ( I would say early Lemonheads, before Evan became a panty moistening Balladier), and Built to Spill. I would also throw in a little Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine. Some of the guitar parts remind me of those bands.

All Four songs are enjoyable and fun to listen to, but my favorite is the first Track “Team Spirit” followed closely by “Party Favors”. When you buy the Digital Album for $3 you get an extra song, also when you buy the 7 inch record you get an immediate download of all five songs.

First “Team Spirit”. Love the guitar intro, nice and fuzzy. This song reminds me a little of Nada Surf, and I dig the bridge with the “Oh, Oh”‘s . A Slightly more serious and depressed Nada Surf, where Nada Surf is gonna get you with the nerdy, dorky charm, Lawnmower’s gonna snag you cause they know how you feel, a bit depressed and in need of a good friend.

“Party favors” , I really like the guitar intro to this too. It’s a bit fuzzy, reminds me a lot of Superchunk or Built to Spill. It also has some touches of My Bloody Valentine. This Travis Bravender has some chops, and a cool music collection.

A quick Note to Travis Bravender: You clearly have some interesting and cool music ideas, and the chops to complete them. Keep making music, it’s bands like Lawnmower that keep me producing episodes of my podcast and searching out new music. I enjoyed listening to this EP.

While this four song 7 inch might be easily categorized as alternative pop music, or pop punk, there is a lot going on here. More than your average pop punk band. I mean the guitar work alone is worth the admission into the show. The songs are varied and has flavors and touches of different influences, enough seasoning to keep you interested and happy.

Do yourself a favor, or do me a favor if you hate yourself, drop the $3 for this EP and enjoy yourself for 15 minutes. At the very least get off your silly ass and go to the Lawnmower Bandcamp Page and stream the songs and decide for yourself. Take my word for it, you won’t need to listen to all the songs before your brain tells you that $5 for a 7 inch copy of this EP is more than worth it.

Many thanks to Will Miller over at Beartrap PR for sending this our way, we will be on the lookout for more Lawnmower releases in the future.

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