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Major Head Injury
Save Your Generation Records
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Looking around at music reviews, or seeing any type of review for that matter, it makes me wonder if it would help a band or label more to give them a negative review then to give them a glowing review. Good reviews are a dime a dozen, speaking to the already converted masses, but a negative review, while speaking to the same people generally, seem to garner more attention. While that attention tends to focus the ire of the bands/labels denizens, it does get a longer lasting, more lambastic and longevity fueled type of attention.

This I can’t do with Lawnmower, although I am surely just adding more love fuel to the already building fire. As a band I find interesting and one that I already like, it wouldn’t help them anymore if I “neg’d” their review. Plus, it wouldn’t feel right to plunder someone’s art to justify a theory.

The Song “Dinosaurs” – Like Frank Zappa, Dynamite Hack, and Nerf Herder before them, Lawnmower, also has a feel for the adsurd, weird and quirky.

“New Constitution” -An Anthrax Type Land Speeder of a song.

The last song, even when the singer is a bit off key, ala My Bloody Valentine, the song is well structured, interesting and engaging.

“Tether Balls” reminds me a bit of Weezer, or more exactly The Rentals.

Also let’s be honest here, all the reference points in the world don’t really mean anything to the reader of the review, except to give a jumping off point. To say that a song or band reminds them of New Bomb Turks is just a reviewers way of saying I miss that band and this band has hints of their sound, which I miss. I rarely, if ever, mean when I say “This Sounds like or reminds me of” that I could be blindfolded , put in a room with both bands and not tell the difference. The fact that your band reminds me of The Didjits (Long Live Rick Sims) doesn’t mean your Dinosaur Jr. Jr. , it’s that I’ve most likely lived a far too long a life as it is, listening to millions of songs and bands/artists.

I always look forward to a new release from Lawnmower, WHACK YER BRAIN was wonderful and the songs they released on two Save Your Generation Records tributes were well done too. It’s always catchy, with some weird touches and interesting ideas, always worth checking out and listening too.

I highly recommend this release to anyone interested in hearing good music, well done, with nice touches of the weird, absurd or just plain quirky. I’m sure the band doesn’t feel this way, I’ve only recently accepted that all those years I was told I was weird that people were right. I’m fucking strange, but then what choice did I have? Lawnmower is in the same boat with me, paddling at an angle while closing the distance to the shore.

This review was written by Brad Bugos – brad@fatrobotradio.com

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  1. Rolling my eyes says:

    Hey if you wasn’t prehistoric or( at least not middle aged)… you would realize using today’s generations urban slang is pretty much giving a positive review with negative words…like everything else this generation has all the damn advantages…and the generations before us thought because we got to ride a freaking school bus to school instead of walk in 6 ft of snow we had it made….I sure hope parents of this generation are pointing out the advantages their kids have …. carrying around the complete collection of encyclopedia Britania would have been much heavier(not to mention very uncool) compared to a laptop!!!

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