Just like Falling off a Bicycle and doing a face plant


Hello there, I hope you are well. The last time we spoke on the phone you sounded a bit distressed. I know things seem a little bit chaotic at the moment, but trust me when I say, everything will be back to normal soon. Oh sure, when Elizabeth left, you were a mess, but believe me it’s for the best. It really is, I mean, it’s not but what the hell am I going to tell you? Me? Oh, I’m doing well, I just finished the new Grisham novel and found out that the lump on my testicles is nothing to worry about. Anyway, call me back when you get this message.

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 85 is brought to you by LIQUID BEEF JERKY IN A CAN. Now five delicious flavors.

Music on this Episode from:
Righteous Fool
Del Rey
Shut Eye Unison
Quest of Aidance
LP Track – Big Drill Car – ALBUM TYPE THING – In Green Fields

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