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Johnny Indovina
Trials of the Writer

Likable pop music. Kind of a breathy, low register vocal on the first two tracks. This guy has an agreeable voice, soothing almost. Third song is a nice Neil Young knockoff, pulls it off well. I’m not sure he needs to use the same vocal on all the songs. Let’s see if he does. Per the first three songs, the songs are too long. All over four and a half minutes. Nick Cave like vocal timbre/tempo. Vocals also remind me a bit of Kevin Tihista. Lyrics are a bit cliched. Almost a talk sing vocal quality. Kind of reminds me of when David Bowie would do that in a song. Sorry, but the songs are way too long. Not all of them need to be 4 ½ minutes plus. Some editing in length or a short one would be a nice change of pace. Some nice guitar work on the songs. Lyrics can be a bit trite at times. “Wrote a letter, wonder how it ends?” too false sincere. Never trusts those false romantics, it’s all about the pootang.

Starting with track 8, last four songs.
While the last song picks up a bit, adding some steel guitar and a steppier beat, the last four songs are pretty much the same tempo, timbre, and speed. The vocalist never gets much over a Mike Scott/Liam Neeson whisper sing. It would have been nice to have some variation or to jumble the track order. The singer does have a warm inviting voice.

Songs are a bit long, over five minutes each. It doesn’t detract from the songs. It’s just that it’s a bit much over 11 songs, to much to digest in one sitting. My advice, such as it is, would be to either trim the songs, or release an EP with 5 songs.

AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith (when they were good) understood back in the day that a good album was 35 minutes or below. Better to leave your audience wanting more. Maybe this is the problem today in music. You Feel like this is maybe your only chance to be heard, why not wow the audience with everything you got. You may never be able to record again. Put it all out there.
“I love the Way” is a nice Neil Young rocker. Still I would like to hear the vocals differ at times.

*This review was written by an idiot. Just a complete stupid idiot. So take his notes and ideas with a sack of crap or listen to him. We don’t care. He writes for free. See, that’s an idiot. brad@fatrobotradio.com . Thank You. *

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