“It has a rather pedestrian feel to it” – SLTM (the Podcast)


The above quote about SLTM (the Podcast) comes from a review of our show from Modern Communication magazine and writer Jeff Liveling. He also said that “Host Brad Bugos sounds like he’s having fun, and that’s nice..for him, but what about the rest of us?”. Some other harsh things were said, like “He Talks way too loud” and “The music is fine, but who cares about some band I’ve never heard of?”. The review is in print only right now, so if you see the September 2012 issue of Modern Communication on the stands, flip to the back and read the whole thing. If it posts on the internet, we’ll post a link.

I’m going to go wrap myself in the covers of my bed, masturbate and gently weep until I fall asleep and this cruel world just melts away.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 149 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music:
Cari Clara
Duke of Norfolk
At Vance

Pulverized Order page for Fastkill’s new release

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