Interview with Ryan of Mixtapes


Hello there, and welcome to a very special interview episode of SLTM (the Podcast). On May 28th 2011, my girlfriend and I went to Firehouse Pizza in Bloomington, IL to see Mixtapes. We had a good time, Red City Radio was really good as well as Mixtapes. I was able to sit down with Ryan of Mixtapes to talk about the band, the tour, their problems getting into Canada and the idea of including download codes with Vinyl releases. We were joined by Paul and Garrett from Red City Radio and an unknown female patron who witnessed both bands rocking. She butts in about half way into the interview to discuss sexual devices and other topics. Who she was I have no idea, but she really wanted to share the info on her grandfather and his sex device making abilities.

Many thanks to Ryan, Paul and Garrett for talking with me. Below is the full interview. The Other Two clips will be posted separately and if you would like to post them somewhere else on the web please feel free.



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