I wanna fly, Fly, FLY! (“scream”) …the end!


In this episode you will not only hear lots of really good new music, but you will also hear for the First time ever Brad’s Karaoke song, “Turn Me Loose” by Loverboy. It’s not only spiritually uplifting, but if you listen closely you can hear women around the world tossing their panties onto the world wide stage. Good Stuff.

“I’m going to pack my bags and FLY, FLY, FLY-FLY” Genius lyrics. God Damn that Mike Reno has some pipes.

Music on this episode by:
Early & Often
Check out the cool label Death to false Hope records. Good stuff besides the Belmonts, I mean I like the Belmonts and there is other great stuff there to listen too. Punk Rock Music.

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