I just saw Jim Belushi snort coke off a pertrified monkey’s tail


This is now six years old. This stupid podcast that no-one and I mean no one, listens too. Why would they? I mean you’re just going to hear music that doesn’t get played on the radio. Music from all kinds of different genres and artists, except new country which sucks really bad. Yeah, I know, there’s this twit flapping his chops during the show, but really it’s something that can be ignored so that you can hear some new good music.

I would say pass this along to your friends and let them know about Sonically Loud Tuneful Music, but then I would just be saying that to hear myself typing.

With Fond regards, SLTM (the Podcast) producer Phil Chevron philchevron@gmail.com

Music on SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 143:
East of the Wall
The Izzy’s
Kissin’ Dynamite
Coed Pageant
Sleeping Weather

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