I don’t know what the hell I’m Doing, and I’m scared


My father always told me that a real man never flinches in the face of danger. The way to tell the metal of a real man is when the chips are down, and all the odds are stacked against you. What happens next is what makes you the person you will be in the future. I wish I would have remembered those words, I sometimes wonder if it would have changed things, if maybe my life would have turned out different. However, you can’t get away from the moment, now matter how hard you try to out run that dog, or how long that chain is around it’s neck. All I can say today is, I sure miss my testicle.

Music in this Episode from:
State Song
Place of Skulls
Mad Anthony
Stephen Egerton
LP TRACK – SPERMBIRDS Something To Prove – “No Punks in K-Town”

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