Hey Everybody, It’s Steve Jiff Time..Time…Time


“When I meet people in the street or at a live remote they always ask ‘What is Steve Jiff really like’, and I have to tell them the truth. He’s the same as the radio only more so, but somehow loving and compassionate to others that do not work with him. He’s my hero. When I started in radio there was only one goal for me, to get on The Morning Shenanigans and work with the great Jiffster. Now that I’m hear there is only one this I can say, Thank God Steve Jiff was born. So without further ado, and butt kissing (pause for laughter), here he is the goldenest of the golden throats, The Jiffster, Steve Jiff (thundering applause)”

*This speech was given by Morning Shenanigans Sports Guy Rad Chad at Steve Jiff’s Radio Broadcasters Voice of the Year awards banquet in 2001*

Music in this Episode:
The Black Watch
Mouth of The Architect
East of the Wall

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