Free Throw – Lavender Town – Music Review

Free Throw – Lavender Town – Music Review

CYLS 077 Free Throw- Lavender Town

Free Throw
Lavender Town
Count Your Lucky Stars

Some bands of this ilk, slow, emo with yelled harmonies and chorus, tend to speed it along to fast. Free Throw take their time getting there, and you’ll be glad they did.

Starts off with some punchy guitar, and “What the Fuck did I just say?”. Alright, we are cooking right off the bat. However, it’s the pieces in between that make this a catchy song. Yeah, the chorus is good, but I think where the band strengths lay, at least right off the bat are the wordless bridges. Quick song too, get in, rock the house, chuck a beer bottle at the loud mouth in the back and get out.

Second song . “Now Kith” recalls some of those old Playing Field Recordings artists that I would interview and do record reviews for in my zine, and by old I mean 1999 old. I swear he’s yelling, and with a bit of regretful agony, “I should have kissed you when I had the chance” . Oh, boy, who doesn’t feel that certain painful regret, letting that person slip away from you and years later feeling that pang of certainty that you two were meant to share something beautiful and good. I’ve had plenty of those moments , what with my low self esteem and my inability to read any signs a woman has ever thrown my way.

I do like “Pennsylvania Dutch a lot, the dreamy chorus of “I just don’t understand why” at the end, the fuzzy guitar parts, and the “I hope he’s better than me” resignation of the singer in the face of almost unbearable proof that it’s over. I like to hear that chorus repeated over and over at the end, it makes me feel like there are others out there that A. don’t get things, life in particular and B. sometimes need it spelled out to them when things end. I’m a bit dense and confused by life, and human interactions, I bet others are too.

This review took forever to write, because Brad Bugos is lazy, a bit simple and hard to motivate even when he’s given ample incentive. We appreciate all the cool PR, band, artist, label people sending us stuff and hope to get music reviews out quicker in the new year. Agree, Disagree, hate cheese? Then email brad@fatrobotradio.com or leave some feedback below. Thanks for reading this review.

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