Forty Feet Tall – RED DRESSED- Album Review

Forty Feet Tall – RED DRESSED- Album Review

Forty Feet Tall
red dressed

Like any good down and dirty rock album, and by that I mean fuzzy guitars and a sense that Woodstock ’94 was only a bit muddy, this band realizes that to engage they have to keep the time with their dirty fingernails.

A good tour pairing for this band would be a really good Champaign/Urbana band called the Dirty Feathers. The Feathers are a bit more seventies AM rock radio I think than Forty Feet, but they both reside in the same town, just different parts of it, if you know what I mean.

“red dressed” opens up with a “Sabotage” like beat, then transitions into the bands strengths, straight rock with a groove, something that the Black Crowes wished they could have gotten back to after co-opting it after their first release.

A nice slide guitar slow version of “run through the jungle”, a nice way to play a classic rock cut but make it your own. They make it slower, and a bit more melodramatic (if only because the narrator sounds less like running than in the original than tired and ready to give it all up and be captured or killed).

“Two Shots” calls to mind what the Black Keys were so popular for just a few years ago, it’s funny how those things change. It also shows the fickle nature of being a popular band. There is no way it can be sustained. Not at a high level. Which is something I’ve been thinking on for awhile now. We all want to achieve success, we all like admiration and doing something for a living that we love, but when does that become reaching for it and in the end a burden and a box you’ve locked yourself into that only breaking up will let you out of? I don’t have the answer. But listening to bands like this makes me hope they achieve success but a part of me hopes they just continue to make music they are happy with regardless of the outcome. I think they would enjoy that more, and I think I would too.

A good four song EP. Can the band sustain this kind of energy and playing through a full album? I’m not sure we ever need to answer that question. Why release a twelve song album now adays? Really there is no need for it. If I were this band or the management, I would release a few four song EP every year, play out with new material and take it from there. Then again what do I know, I’m some idiot in the Midwest who laughs at twenty seven year old sitcoms that not many others liked.

**Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com wrote this. He’s been working on his new book, NAKED IN MY TOOL SHED, so you’ll have to forgive him if he half assed this one. No, you know what, I’m not going to cut him any slack. He’s done this way too many times, and it’s got to stop. He comes into the office every thursday like he’s some sort of god, ordering around the interns, and throwing coffee in my face when I give him bad news. He’s the worst. Really he is just awful. I would say he needs to write better music reviews, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Do yourself a favor just check out Forty Feet Tall on Facebook and see what you think of them. Don’t listen this idiot. ***

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