Feeling Froggy? Then Jump!


We are giving away some free music to the first person or baring that, anyone who emails us after listening to the show. We’ve got a few nice 7 inch records, some CD’s, and some DDL Codes for a lucky person. There is some good stuff in there too.

Giveaway Bundle: Leeres Hirn Cassette, Dead Moths Cassette, Superchunk The Clambake Series Vol.2 CD, Steve Azar Delta Soul Vol. 1 CD, The Parson Red Heads Orb Weaver CD, Robyn Hitchcock Love From London CD, Dave Smalley Punk Rock Days CD, And the Professors Our Postmortem CD, Don Walrus EP on 7 inch Vinyl, Lawnmower Whack Yer Brain EP on 7 inch Vinyl. Plus Some free stickers. (We’ll even throw in a couple 8 tracks if you want them)

How do you get all this for free postage paid? Listen to the show then email brad@fatrobotradio.com with your answer. We’ll pick at random or if no one enters we’ll just keep all this cool stuff ourselves and give it to our interns at the yearly X-Mas Forgive Me Bash.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 180 OF SLTM (the Podcast):
Killing Joke

Other Links:
Killing Joke “Corporate Elect” Video
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Save Your Generation records
Spinefarm Records USA
Holyoak Bandcamp
Eolian Empire Records

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