Fat Robot Radio Rides Again…for about 5 minutes


It’s been a while since the original four members of Fat Robot Radio got together to talk, laugh and sing. All it took was one call from Danny Foldberg, a State Fair Opening in Idaho and fifty dollars worth of pancake makeup. Now for the first time in 18 months hear the voices that have been silent, missing from the internet like a metal shaving in your taint.

Return with me will you? No? Well fuck you then cause it’s happening anyway.

Return to Fat Robot Radio Land as Brad, Ben, Tony MF and DGM ask the one burning question on everyone’s mind, who’s a bigger asshole than Phil Collins?

Fat Robot Radio Land, exclusively on SLTM (the Podcast).

Music on Sonically Loud Tuneful Music Episode 178:
Arliss Nancy
Amon Amarth
Thinning the Herd

Black Numbers
Thinning the Herd on Facebook
Amon Amarth on Facebook

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