Fancy seeing You here!


It’s like Night Ranger once said “I’ve lived twenty-five years ,I’m a kid on the run ,I’ve got a pistol for action” . I mean come on, how can you not follow those lyrics to the T? It was from one of their best songs man, it spoke to me then and it still does now.

“Don’t tell me you love me, Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know” – Damn straight Night Ranger, Damn straight. Tell that hussy, let her know what the score is. Now, if we could all take a page out the Night Ranger How to Live Guide, we would all be better off and this world would be not only ROCKIN, but a better place.

Lets all join hands now and sing sister christian.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 98 OF SLTM (the Podcast):
Gilbert Wynn – “Route 76”
The Antikaroshi
STARFUCKERReptillians – “Bury Us Alive”

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