Falloch – This Island, Our Funeral – Music Review


This island, our funeral
Candlelight Records

Heavy rock music with metal underpinnings. More queen than Morbid Angel, but with a solid metal frame work to hold the thing together. I think if you like GHOST, you’ll enjoy this release. While they may not be in the same family, it’s almost like a cousin who spent three weeks in the summer every year. The songs are long. Five to seven or eight minutes but they are interesting with different sounds and ideas. Enough of them to keep you listening the whole time. Some mild stone tones , but I wouldn’t call this stoner rock. People who like sand ( I can’t make out this word) rock will likely enjoy this too. Case in point last song is over in 11 minutes.

There is space, not space rock. I mean there is room to breathe in these songs. Space to think. It works. This band is good at creating those spaces, using them for separation, not to gear up for another gut punch, but to let it soak in.

This release is a bit long. The songs are longer, but don’t let that scare you off. I would be hesitant to call this space rock or sludge rock. Especially when there are few cosmic or muddy vibes floating around. However, there is a loose, ambling gait to this pot soaked wind caked stranger. Just don’t tell him he’s the cosmic cowboy.

This album plays out like a soundtrack to a post apocalyptic Cowboy movie. The songs,atmospheres and feelings that accompany his travels in a barren, nuclear waste land. He feelings of revenge and repentance, but also of survival and instinct. That even if he does get revenge, he will continue to keep moving because he has no other choice. His revenge is not an end to a means but another diversion from the truth. That truth being, just survive.

*This review was written by Brad Bugos. He’s not sure where he first heard the term, “Honey Ham” but he likes it. Check out this band on the podcast and if you like the review, or it at least peaked your interest, then click the link to their Facebook page and find out more about them. Thanks *

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