Episode 16 is Here!


Wow, what a magnificent trip it has been. I just want to thank all the little people who were there on my way up, sorry I had to squash some of you. Hey, that’s the way it works, and with any luck I can give you a kick to the groin on the way down. I have now become the second most influential Podcast Music person behind Adam Curry. It’s means a lot to me that you voted me second in that poll, I really appreciate it and if Mr. Curry is not fit to fulfill his duties then I’ll be right there to step in. Thanks again, and now let the quality programing begin. I love you all.

Music Inspired by the Making of SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 16

Wooden Igloo


Pattern is Movement

Idle Hands

Kevin Tihista

Streetlight Manifesto

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