Episode 14


Well, I seem to have lost my only two listeners for this podcast, because now all the comments I get are spam for Anal Sex and well, Anal Sex. Good Times. Really I could say “Let’s chuck this, and just not do a music podcast”, but then The Anal Sex crowd would win wouldn’t they? You bet they would, and while I have nothing against sex (anal or otherwise) that is not the kind of Time I want to live in. A time when someone can bully you off your own website by persistently spamming your comment box with hardcore teen anal sex links. No I would rather stand up and say “Good Day to you sir, I will continue to produce my Podcast and delete your spam. I believe in America and My freedoms even if no one else is listening” . God Bless America. Oh and Amen to those of you that need an Amen at the end of that statement.

Let’s See, Episode 14 Has Music From:

13 Engines

Pedro the Lion

Hilltop Distillery

Titanic Love Affair


Wooden Igloo


Thanks for listening. Bye Now.

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