Enslaved- The Sleeping Gods- Music Review


The Sleeping Gods
by norse

Coming on like very few other heavy bands, especially those with the demonic growl or spit spewing demon choked hell vomit vocals, this band makes listening to this release a lot of fun. Not only fun in the fact that it’s good but also in the fact that it’s fun to find the next jog in the deserted overgrown road they might take.

To simply put it in one category would be to doom this release, well not doom it cause a lot of people would like it if it was doom metal, to sitting in a bin with other less directional and talented bands. It’s way to interesting and flavored with so many smokey brines to play it only on doom metal night at the local cavern club.

Sure some of this is your basic growling from the depths of dirt humanities flooding basement of filthy lies type of metal, its what the band creates outside of the vocals that really makes this one interesting to me. They could have just went the old doom route, peedling along bashing every god damn mail box in their way, fighting with the neighborhood dogs and spewing hate towards the porch covering unescapables. But they didn’t. They took their time to weave it all together, it’s like they actually give a shit about being able to present you your own nose right after they ripped it off your face. How did they do that?

None of these songs ever seems overlong or wasted. It’s something that is lost on creative people sometimes, you see it all the time in the movies. Sure you have seventy minutes to fill on a compact disc, but you don’t need to fill all that. Things can breath, escape and flow but there is no reason to continuously pound your listeners over the head when your going the same direction for eight minutes.

You should go to their web site and check out their bio, these guys have been together since 1991 and won four consecutive Norwegian Grammy’s. Interesting band, interesting contemporary extreme metal. I’ll be keeping an eye on this band as they seem to release music, sixteen things since their inception, and if you like extreme metal with a lot of points of interest and turns in the muddy dark path, then this band should have your attention.

**Why review music? This is a classic example of why I keep listening to and reviewing music. You never know when you are going to find something like this release from a band that’s been around but you don’t know much about. It’s these kinds of moments that make slogging through the thousands of releases I’ve listened to in these 29 years worth my time. Do I listen to death metal, dark metal or extreme metal exlusively? No, I listen to all kinds of stuff, the only kind I won’t even consider is the new pop country stuff. So do yourself a favor. Look for, listen to, and engage in new music. Sure you’ll find a few turds in the punch bowl but maybe you’ll find something interesting and fun to listen to like Enslaved. Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com

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