Don’t Let the Ball hit you in the Nose The Musical


Bushwick Productions is proud to announce a new musical from playwright Brad Bugos, DON’T LET THE BALL HIT IN THE NOSE. It’s a story about baseball, growing up, the pitfalls and pratfalls of high school and learning to grow as a person. It stars a young man trying hard to fit in through the social acceptable past time of baseball. The play also features The Coach, who yells, tells people they are stupid and ask them to to follow one simple rule : “Don’t Let the Ball hit you in the nose”. It’s full of fun, laughter, sadness, growing and sharing. Coming this Spring to the Lexor Community Playhouse in Philo, IL . Be there.

Music Featured in this Podcast:
The Light Wires
Heathen Foray
Complicated Shirt

Place We really enjoy and think you should visit: Willfully Obscure – a really good blog about obscure Vinyl and music. Check it out.

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