Disguised As Birds – We Buy Gold – Album Review

Disguised As Birds – We Buy Gold – Album Review


Disguised as Birds
We Buy Gold
Disguised as Birds Bandcamp
I’ve often had this nightmare/dream where I am the man in black riding into town, could be that I’m the bad guy or maybe I’m just a down on his luck hero. A little washed out, and booze soaked, but a hero none the less. As I ride into this town out in the deserted slowly growing American West, thirst and heat are at their apex in my ravaged brain, a dirty, heavy smoke screen of a soundtrack rummages down into my brain. Kind of like a slow trickle of warm water from a hose that wasn’t quite shut off. It’s moments like this, reviewing music like this, that I know that these dreams are probably some sort of misplaced slip of the ego,my own brain trying to justify it’s own existence in my somewhat boring life.

Then again, maybe I’m just really tired from working a weird time, and my brain hasn’t caught up with me yet. It’s hard to say. What I can say is that I really like this album from Disguised as Birds. I know we have played them on the show before, I remember the name. I just don’t remember it being like this. What is this? It’s a soundtrack to my imaginary cartoon land , still images moving along at a distorted pace. Black on white animation with slight movement and splashed colors.

It’s fuzzy bits of hardcore packed rock imbedded with flickering light bulb streaks in an empty room in an abandoned house. Yeah, there is a dirty sweat soaked mattress on the floor and every now and again I get the faint outline of something at the window when the lights flicker, but I’m too deep into my own fantasy and the music to care about getting out of there.

When I make the movie about my redemptive journey through the bombed out landscape of an post apocalyptic earth, the radiation fuzz burning into my head will have a joyful companion, the soundtrack played by Disguised as Birds, WE BUY GOLD.

We like Disguised as Birds, we really liked WE BUY GOLD.

This review was written by Brad Bugos. He can be reached at brad@fatrobotradio.com. Agree,Disagree, or confused? Then leave a comment below or shoot him an email. Find Disguised as Birds by typing their name in the search box above, we played them on SLTM (the Podcast). Follow the link above to find out more about the band. Many thanks to Phratry Records.

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