Deadlands Evilution Music Review

Deadlands Evilution Music Review


Massacre Records

Nothing wrong with this release at all. This is for all the old metal fans, who enjoy a bit of Priest or Maiden but like a little growl thrown in the mix too.

Well played , nice guitar parts, double guitars in places and all well fit together. I would have no problem pointing people in this bands direction, especially like I said if you wanted some metal that had that late 70’s early 80’s tinge to it. Good stuff.

I really wish I could sit here today and tell you that I was cool back in grade and high school and that I was listening to cool music. That however, would be a big bald face lie. I was never cool, and my music tastes didn’t change for the better until college. I really didn’t start getting into metal in any serious way until I met my good friend of 26 years Marc Nichols. Oh sure, I loved Sabbath and liked Maiden, but I had no idea outside of Metallica and Megadeth what was out there. So much good music was going un-listened to by my ears. What a fucking shame. Now, with my music zine and podcasts in the last 20 years, I’ve been able to hear a lot of different music, and lots of really good metal. It’s been a great boon to my ears, and not to sound too substantial, but to my being. I have found some really great metal through my zine and podcasts, that it’s really helped me fill out a part of my existence. That may sound bombastic, but I’ve always loved music. While metal has filled in some holes in my life, there really are too many that will never be filled in, but it’s nice that one area of my life has a good start.

Deadlands, like I said reminds me of good old school metal. Singer can sound a bit like Joey Belladonna at times, which is nice. Nothing wrong at all with some good old Anthrax.

Look, I know I have said this in other music reviews, and on SLTM (The Podcast), there are tons of bands out there. How do you wade through all that is available? I have no idea, there is a ton of it. All I can do with these reviews and the podcast is to point out a few that peak my interests, or that sound like something I would listen to in my spare time. I have found so many great bands through this avenue that I am going to start a feature on my show talking about and playing bands that I have taken on as personal favorites. What can you do as a metal or music fan? Search out bands on the internet, find their bandcamp page, give them a listen, stream their music and then go see them play. I’ll try to steer you to good bands, you just have to do a little work.

Deadlands would be a band that I would have no problem putting into my personal collection, a band that would be in my new feature. Now you go and follow the link below or listen to them on my podcast (just type in Deadlands in the search box to find the right episode) and see if they are something you might like. Then hit me back with some feedback. What do you think of this band? Would you share them with your friends? Why or Why not? Let’s help spread some music, let’s share some metal.


This review was written by Brad Bugos, he can be reached at brad@fatrobotradio.com
Please feel free to leave a comment or a few short words about this release. Follow the link above to find out more about Deadlands. Thank You.

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