Dead – Idiots – Music Review

Dead – Idiots – Music Review



I do realize that with any review, and mine hits that mark as well, that they are basically speaking to the converted masses. Which is really a shame, but the overall truth, especially with the internet and sharing, people reading reviews are the people who already know of the band. It seems to me , we are just affirming their feelings or building their protective border around the band with our criticism.

It’s too bad it has to be that way. How can you find new bands or bands that don’t get any mentions if you don’t read about music that you don’t know? Truly a sad commentary on the state of music, and sadly about how the internet (I believe) has pushed us further into our own secluded corners and not expanded the world out to us like we had hoped.

And yet, a lonely idiot in Illinois continues to describe music that he finds worth your time and effort. Here is another case of a band that you should really give some time too, a band you will find at the very least interesting and different than what you hear on a daily basis.

Dead is metal, growling, spitting , teeth nashing, ripping metal. However, it’s what’s in those between spaces of metal vocals and face punching metal riffs that make this worth your time. Oh, and speaking of your time, you and I know that surfing porn, beating your bologna and checking facebook only takes up four or five minutes of your day. So, after that is done, check out some good metal/rock music.

I like the rolling guitar/bass in “Bed Bugs” and the Lee Ving type lead vocals, what an interesting way to jog down that alley, it’s full of broken glass and pimps but goddamn if it isn’t a fun, breath grabbing jaunt to the end.

“Inherent the Wind” is a good song too, and coming after “Bed Bugs” it makes a nice contrast to that later song. This is metal, with a walking bit of bass flying down a slippery staircase with screamed vocals, agonizing painfully yelled words. Nice.

If you like metal you are going to enjoy listening to this. If you are mildly interested in the mainstream of metal you should listen to this anyway, it’s something a bit different and it would give you a nice introduction into another aspect of the musical genre. Plus, listening to this, or downloading it, whatever, gives you an idea of what the band sounds like so that when they hit your town or the town two towns over, you can go see them live. And isn’t that what this is all about?

The last track illustrates something that I find I enjoy about music, and something that my girlfriend seems to hate and avoid if she can get to the dial fast enough. It’s called “Lego Men” and it’s eleven minutes and nine seconds. The end of the song, and the whole song is good, is the part I find fascinating. While it would seem repetitive and droning to my girlfriend, I like the ticking of the clock fashion in which the song winds down. It’s the last four minutes, and I like that slow, gripping march to the grave, hands holding my head as I slowly, with much confusion and dizziness, stomp into the ground and end it all. Maybe it’s my nature, or the advancing age I find myself. It’s comforting to me, not sad or scary. Of course, that’s just me. Drums kicking in at the last minute to finish it off, brilliant.

Brad Bugos wrote this review, and he really hopes that you’ll at least check out this band, cause he enjoyed it and he likes all kinds of music. You can hear a track from Dead on Episode 203 of SLTM (The Podcast). Comments, questions or poems about your favorite sandwich, please leave them below or email brad@fatrobotradio.com We hope more than the intended audience will tune into this release and find a new band they can really get into.

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