Crown – Psychurgy – Music Review

Crown – Psychurgy – Music Review


Candlelight Records

Bandcamp page says it pretty well, “Two men, Two guitars, a voice and machine”. Throw in some heavy floating atmosphere and you’re almost there. Light on the dance, and less spacey than some, this fits a nice bill between the two metal and space rock camps.

The throaty yelling/growling in the second song”Abyss” sets a nice tone for the record, it’s a bit of mind drifting heaviness, a little bit of lead in your soup. It feeds the growing feeling in my mind that there is no escape from this darkened rat hole and I may never live to see the light of day. My mind keeps wandering off, into dark dreaming places, trying to keep me warm and alive while at the same time slowly eating itself as it’s default protection mode. It knows there is no escape, and while it keeps me busy with the fluid drive of this music, it collapses upon itself slowly neutralizing and dying.

Of course, that’s just the first song, and I’ve got a lot of creepy shit like that floating in my brain at all times, this just helps set that particular mood for me. Let’s see what else the band has to offer.

This release has long passages of beautiful, layered nightmarish instrumentals. Playing music from this selection to add texture to a movie scene seems almost ridiculously simple. I hate to bring it up, but it would work so well in a desperate darkened scene.

The rest of the record is pretty much the same type of music. Lots of atmospheric sludgery and doom. However, it’s the subtle imprints that it leaves that makes this release good to me. Some bands will over do it on either side, too much dreamy space noise or a too tight clenched fist on the throat approach. This Crown, I like their style and I like their ability to hold back just a bit to make it interesting and listenable all the way through.
Recommended if you like growling doom metal or space rock/metal.

Music Review by Brad Bugos – brad@fatrobotradio.com


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