Crimes – EP – Music review

Crimes – EP – Music review


crimes EP
Black Numbers

4 song EP. Cleaned up skeezoid rock. Originally released on cassette tape.

It’s as if the Replacements kept releasing Pleased to meet me over and over again while aging, they would have polished those classic riffs into a fine diamond, getting the polish but loosing some of their dirty charm and abrasive legacy.

This is a short blast of upper shelf rock music. In my youth I would have loved this type of manic, fool proof rock and roll, but I’m old and cynical, very bitter as well. Not saying I don’t enjoy this, I do, but it’s nothing new (what is?). The good thing is that this release and the band remind me of The Replacements and Triple Fast Action. Kind of driving, rocking songs with a slight scummy fuzz on the top, like the songs were very fresh twelve days ago but they’ve gone off, and now you can still enjoy them but they have a slight bottom of the shower look to them and an aftertaste.

I would like to hear more from this band, look forward to it as a matter of fact. I could hear “Out in The West” in my stereo speakers, broadcasting from 107.1 WPGU if they took more chances and played music that wasn’t in the top twenty rotation over and over again until they over did it like a lazy kid cooking old school pudding.

Alright, Crimes, I’m in. Now if you’re anything like any of the other bands in the past that have peeked my interest, you’ll take five years to put out a half baked album with songs about living in a drainage ditch and half nelsons. Prove me wrong. And Hey WPGU, take the belt off, let’s have a few songs on the air that haven’t been played a thousand times already. I know a band that has a four song EP you might find entertaining and very radio friendly.

Music Review by Brad Bugos – brad@fatrobotradio.com

Crimes on Black Numbers Bandcamp

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