Cokegoat – Vessel – Music Review

Cokegoat – Vessel – Music Review



As soon as I say “Cokegoat” what would you say? Metal right? Right. This has got that in spades. But, what genre you ask? And maybe that’s the better question and focus of this review. So our jumping off point is Metal. And I mean Metal, candy ass.

Track # 3 – Dogs- Has some nice space rock, rock touches painted in, but it’s the parts where it breaks into fuzzed out growl metal with the beating chugging “Please don’t let me die” that takes it from groovy space ride through the dotted cosmos, to a begging of a trapped animal asking the universe to spare it’s life.

Track #4 – End of Your Life, Part 1- it’s the perfect combination of yell/growl type metal, fast beats and burning guitar and the laid back surface skimming of space rock/metal. If you are more of a fan of space rock than growling brutal metal, then you need to hang out in these songs, because they do start out a bit more heavy growl then flow into metal space riffs.

Track #6 – Fly by night Part 2- takes a bit longer to get into that stoner rock groove. About 3 minutes and 30 seconds. However, you shouldn’t just skipped ahead, that first 3:30 is all sludgey screamed goodness, and it really helps set up that break when it comes and transforms the song into another mode of transportation.

Track #7 – Fly by Daylight – this is an interesting track with some main straight ahead vocals and the scream/growl/howl vocals doing the harmonies. Very nice touch, it’s always good and interesting to hear a band stretch the tried and true ideas to their boundaries, even if it doesn’t work (and this does, because it’s executed well and done for only a short period of time), at least the band tried adding something.

I think this release deserves some more ears on it. Not only those fans of sludge or thrash metal, but some of the other metal fans as well. How well do those types of sounds and textures mix within the metal community I have no idea, but here is hoping that this release is one that fans of all types of metal will give the time and effort to.

This review was written by Brad Bugos you can contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com or leave a comment below. Agree, Disagree, or have pie filling in your pants? Let us know. Thanks for reading this and now go check out Cokegoat at the link above.

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