Center of the Sun- Machine Gun Music Review

Center of the Sun- Machine Gun Music Review


Center of the Sun
Machine Gun
Mayfly/Self Aware

Dreamy brit pop kind of music with layered female vocals. Reminds me a bit of a less droning more pop influenced My Bloody Valentine at times.

I guess you could call this shoe gaze, I can see the band standing a still on the stage with the lead female vocalist holding the microphone in one hand looking down with her eyes closed expressing her inner shyness through the music default presetting.

This could be the lost album that the Cranberries were going to release in between Everybody else is doing it, So why can’t we and No Need To Argue . It’s like that transition part for the Cranberries when they went a touch harder on No Need to Argue . I bet you could almost even release this as a lost Cranberries album and not that many people would shake you off.

Is there a place for this in your volumess record collection or room on your MP3 player (do the kids even use them anymore?)? Look, I like hard rock and metal most of all, but there is always room for different bands/artists and sounds. What matters most to me, and maybe you feel the same way, is not only would I enjoy hearing an album, but does it serve my time constraints. In other words, not only is it good enough to enjoy repeated listening, but will I feel okay giving it the ample time it needs to be heard and will I be okay giving away that time? For me, being a music lover, reviewer, listener and music podcast host, I listen to bands and artists many times over. So for me it wouldn’t matter about repeated listening. However, I do like to feel that the time I have put in does have some value and that the music I listened to, especially for review, has given me something of substance.

I think you should put some time aside for this release, it’s rather catchy. Let’s put it this way, there is nothing detracting from this release, and the only reason you wouldn’t want to give it a listen is you ran out of time at gym or in line at the Deli. Either one of those two reasons. Nothing else.

So give it a listen, what are you so important that you can’t give a band you never heard of fifteen minutes? Oh yeah, I know, you got so much going on down at the Feed Store. Sure, Mr. Johnson wants all that bird seed sorted and stacked by the entrance, and then you have to move all the salt licks to aisle five, but you can take the time on your stupid fucking break to give this a listen. You know your break, where you usually just sit and draw zits on the models in the Sunday supplements and try to hide your boner when Sheila comes in to get a milky way? Yeah, well take that time you waste and pull up Center of the Sun on your phone, clear your head, and just relax and chill out. You’ll go back out there with a different attitude, not only cause you heard some new music, but because you stopped thinking about your balls for 10 minutes (the other five were spent in the can, giving your balls a high five).

Nice heavy guitar on “Turnabout” . See that’s what I’m saying here, it’s not just lush female vocals with some male background floating mist, there are some genuine heavy (no not as in metal , but as in rock) moments on this release.

This Music review was written by Brad Bugos, you can contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com . He thinks you should listen to as much music as you can. He highly encourages you to expand your music horizons. Follow the link above and listen to Center of the Sun yourself.

My apologies to this band and Beartrap PR. Not sure what the hell took me so long. Please follow the bandcamp link to stream Machine Gun and the 1993 2 song single.

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