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SLTM 2.0 Episode 12

Moloch – VERWUSTUNG- “Negativitat” – facebook.com/Molochukr – Ukranian black metal horde- remastered vinyl version of the out of print release- Title is German for devastation- originally released in 2014 on CD- a good friend of mine from high school played in a band like this. Extreme metal he called it. He said the world was a putrid mesh of blood and shit and that we were all doomed from the start of it all. Man I miss that guy. His band was called Monkey Bites man, man fights back or monkey bites man for short. Track six on this release “Todesstille” was so quiet that I was sure my mp3 player had turned off. Someone is going to have to explain the idea behind that one to me. Its a quiet lonely church organ playing in the distance and I’m not sure I care enough to walk the four miles to the church to confirm that. Track seven is starting out as an organ/synth depression piece played at a louder volume. What gives? Why did they wait until the last tracks to work these in? Wouldn’t they work better as set up pieces in between the throat scrapping extreme beat your head in metal? I think they would. It feels almost like they ran out of ideas at the end, decided they needed a couple more songs and just improvised some atmospheric riff on the synth. The last song is an eleven minute plus piano dirge with someone plinking and plunking their way to my limited patience. These last three songs I don’t get. I get and like the first five or six songs but what in the hell is the point of these last three? And all in a row like that? I don’t get. Argentorecords.com Pain Tank– 97.9 Million Confirmed Kills- “The mouth that doesn’t open” – recorded live in one eight hour session- released on bands on independent label Edgewood Arsenal Records- paintank.bandcamp.com – Uniformed shit show” is a great song title. I fear the kids would be slamming each other during this set. You should know what this is going in, meaning you should be able to easily guess its construct. No wonder there are 13 songs, all are very short. A minute fifty might be the longest one. On the title song the singer gets a little Dusty Rhodes, Mountain frog in his throat. “Driving back the occupier” has some interesting lyrics, especially for...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 11 – We are back on the air

Music Reviews Mayhem– De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ALIVE – “Pagan Fears” – recorded live in sweden in 2015- the orignal album was listed in the 20 essential black metal albums of all time by revolver magazine and #40 on Rolling Stone Magazines 100 greatest metal albums of all time- mayhemofficial.bandcamp.com – at one point, at least for a couple of songs, I can hear something in the background, is it bleed through from another studio where they recorded this album? Maybe its Satan whispering instructions on how to make his famous baked ziti? No, its a crowd, and they only cheer at the end of a few songs. That’s weird. Each song seems to start out with an intro that is about forty seconds to a minute long. Is it to get warmed up? I don’t think this was really recorded in front of a live audience. Maybe they are going for a feeling of Audience of the Damned(TM) feel, where they bused in lost souls and roust-a-bouts to hear them play, or maybe its all just some electronic audio imaging thing to fool us into thinking some band we don’t know is playing the concrete warehouse outside of town and we should go, sounds rad. On some songs I can hear this audience making some noise but then they don’t cheer at the end. What gives? Maybe they Kiss Alive 2’d us here. I know what this is, it is Hell, but it’s lunch time and this band is preforming for all the workers there. You see Satan likes to give them a free lunch with music when they meet their soul quota (lets be honest, that is happening with more frequency these days). I mean, who they gonna book for the lunch time band? Barry Friggin Manilow? I think not. For day to day business of making people suffer in hell you’re gonna play Cher or Manilow cranked up high, but if you want to say a little thank you to those that make you look good, it’s death metal all the way. Plus you got the free brats, and two sides per. I suppose its not that much of a stretch to be a bit envious of those workers in hell, when is the last time your boss gave you free lunch much less with blasting metal to help you digest your free hamburger? Lo-Pan – IN TENSIONS- “Go West” – five song EP- lopandemic.com –...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 10

Music Reviews Spazz– Sweatin II : Departed Live Gorilla Competition – “Shrimp on the Barbie” – tank crimes – originally released in 2001- 35 tracks from 1995-1996 – tankcrimes.com – old school hardcore, fast, loud, with attitude and a sense of humor. Interspersed with clips from Kung Fu Theater. 35 songs of it, there that’s done. Wait, “Total meathead fuck” is a nice slow jazzy jam with kung fu sound clips. During the last song, the six minute plus “Elder mutant stomp” someone says “I can’t believe people are still listening to this”. Me either. Really it’s not bad, the songs are quick except a couple of jams and there are some kung fu quotes. I think the clip we are going to play sums up the band perfectly, plus it has a nice banjo solo in it, and when do you get to hear that? Thelma– S/T – Tiny Engines– February 2017 – facebook.com/thelmalala– “Ha Ha” – this reminds me of PJ Harvey. From “White Couches” “Where do we go when we die” which normally is a boring age old question but then Thelma says “Do we even want to know?” Which I think is an interesting rejoiner to the first part. I don’t think I do want to know where I’m going when I die, and I bet most people don’t really want to know either. Whether its due to the feeling of righteous religious belief, not wanting to spoil the ending or just basic fear. I am also hearing a little Kate Bush in the vocals. There are interesting arrangements, lots of sounds and pieces floating by, a nice river bed under the expressive, emotive vocals. “Ha Ha” has an interesting off kilter arrangement. Things are flying by in the hot wind of summer, bang, boom switch. Then the singer lets out with a screeched “Haaa!” and we realize the whole town is flying by in some sort of Burtian wind storm. We might not wind up back in town when we come down, but at least we got to see what our house looks like from up here. Plus when is the last time we were in the county seat? 10 years and my how things have changed. “Thelma” is just simply put a very beautiful song. It has just a touch of Sparklehorse melancholy here and there. The same kind of sadly beautiful depression I enjoy being enveloped in for a time and find...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 9

Music Reviews Mos Generator – ABYSSINIA- Listenable Records– facebook.com/mosgenerator – shop-listenable.net- “Catspaw” – coming on like a bluesy Monster Magnet but with Ozzy singing without the years of drug abuse and wear. Good solid rock. You know it’s not easy being the middle brother. You’re not the first kid out of the shoot, the one everyone looks at to carry on the family name and pride. Sure you both look alike and have some of the same mannerisms, but no matter how you act or try to distance yourself from that person there will always be echos of them resonating off of you. “red canyons” sounds like the theme song to one of those live action saturday morning shows in the 1970’s like Shazam or Land of the Lost. “There is no return from nowhere” sounds a little like “America” from Spinal Tap. As a matter of opinion bordering on fact the band gets more harmonized on the last couple of songs. The Third Eye Rapists– HETS MOT ALLT- “Estatic Molestation”- thethirdeyerapists.bandcamp.com- released april 6 2014- two new songs that came out in May 2017 – 2nd song in and I like this kind of production. It sounds faint almost back room false painted ceiling muffled fist punching kind of sound. You can hear it, but its not so crystal clear that you can feel. It’s more painful cause you imagine it. Demons driving to the grave yard to dig up bodies. Not for the parts but in hopes that they’ll be buried with something good to wager in the poker game with Satan later that night. My good friend Richard “Heart Punch” Bonchetti once told me “Hell isn’t a bad place to be, as long as you know how to gamble”. That’s the video I see in y minds eye for “Estatic Molestation”. Demons driving a ripped up herse 100 mph to the graveyard to get chit to gamble with Satan. Not for their release from the hellish existence they live, but because its a night out with friends and satan knows how to throw a party. The last song sounds like a fuzzy drunken hate message left with your answering service. You are convinced it was sent to the wrong number but you recently fucked something up and this call just might be for you after all. The Obsessed – SACRED- “its only money” – theobsessed.bandcamp.com – just re-released their 1990 self titled debut with unreleased bonus...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 8

Hey our files for this episode, the previous episodes and episode nine were corrupted. So we won’t have the reviews that go along with this one, we could type them out again, but come on I already do enough shit for this dumb podcast that no one listens to, why would I do more? right? So enjoy this episode or don’t we really don’t give a shit, we hardly notice our failures anymore. Please do check out the bands, leave a comment, or a review of your own below and please give a listen to our music featured guest this episode Party Battleship. Damnations Day Lasers Edge Group Ghost Bath Nuclear Blast Fucked Up tank crimes Extremity 20 buck spin SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode Eight [ 25:17 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 7

Music Reviews Dying Whale- LAST MOMENTS OF MISERY- dying-whale.bandcamp.com/releases – pay what you want digital download- “One final first kiss” – Ken Smith once told me that the easiest way to get into a girls pants was to play Barry Manilow at 78 rpm while making out. I’ve since realized that Ken was just fucking with me. It only took me 20 years to figure that out. What does this have to do with the music of Dying Whale? At first listen this album brought me back to those care free days of my teenage love life. How incredibly stupid and awkward I felt around women. Since I didn’t know any better I took the advice of an older friend (well, he was older by six months), because I argued he must know what he’s doing. I had not thought of those painful days in a long time and for some reason this music brought them all to the surface. Weird isnt it?the song “The Tear between life and love” had me nodding my head for a bit. Deathwish – UNLEASH HELL – Beer City Skateboards and Records – beercity.com- “Rock N Roll is a Hell of a drug” – first song out of the gate is great, Motorhead, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers with some Nugent mixed by a scuzzy hand to perfection. I hope the rest of the album is this good. Second track, yep still kickin it. Keep it going, keep it going. While its a personal preference, I would rather have my metal/hard rock driving than the morose, plodding type. I do like some of the later, but to catch my attention the driving stuff always worked better. “Rock and Roll is a hell of a drug” answers the question why would a band continually tour and be out on the road when there is little to no financial gain. Because Rock and Roll is an addiction. On “God has no mercy” they take the allmighty to task and even question such a diety’s existence. Asking it how such a thing could exist and let all the shitty things in life continue to happen. The presence of Satan/Evil or not, where is your mercy? Or maybe its about those that scream and rant about gods great mercy but who really don’t give a shit about others. False prophet deal. I’m not sure but its how I heard it. Endorphins Lost– CHOOSE YOUR WAY – six weeks records...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 6 – We are back on Track

but not really. Music Reviews Vastum– Carnal Law- “Re-member”- (remastered by 20 Buck Spin of 2011 release)- 20buckspin.com – I know I’ve posed this question before, but is it hurting my listening experience when I am only able to understand one word in eight? On the clip we are going to play you can understand the vocals better. There are two distinct styles on this song and it really helps. Plus I like the swing and sway of the beat. Love the drum roll on “Devoid”. Again there is great vocal interplay between the two demons, which makes it more enjoyable for me. What does make this a bit above your average death metal release is the interplay of vocals, relative clarity of singing and the rhythm sections ability to swing it now and then. Bill & Phil -Song of Darkness- “Catastrophic” – the song “Corpus Crispy” is fucking hilarious, but not really. Frank Zappa without the sense of the weird and humor. On the song “Catastrophic” they try to out LULU Lou Reed & Metallica. I think that these guys think they are Zappa, kind of like when Billy Bragg and Wilco took Woody Guthries lyrics and wrote music to them. Maybe the Zappa trust did it with these guys and ask them to finish some of Franks songs so they could have some new material for the Hologram to sing. Yeah this veers from attempts at LULU and Zappa-esque tries at weird pop. Black Anvil – AS WAS – “Ultra” – relapse records– by the time I get to hell I would imagine that the staff will be pretty complacent. Not bored with the surroundings but with the process of orientation. “welcome to hell, where all your worst nightmares have come true. Now please bow down to our lord and master …..Satan, uhhh”. I can just hear some disaffected bored youth guide giving me the tour. Maybe because they have seen it and heard it all it’s become a bland process for them. They like the form but hate the process. Oh hell is still a significant obstruction, its just that talking about it all this time has soured their ability to enjoy, feel and process it. Jeremy Piven once told me that the best mayonnaise is not at the bottom of the jar but what is stuck to the lid. I don’t know what that means but I always liked that little guy. This release might...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 5

“I guess this is still a thing?” – review from Torque Blade Specialist Magazine Okkultokrati – RASPBERRY DAWN- “Future War” – The static noise at about 1:40 scared me. Ok, so they tend to repeat a phrase over and over under a scuzz guitar but its never annoying to me. Like the Crampian style horror frights of “Hard to Please” . I like when a band will take a basic rock and roll feeling and skew it, flavor it and distorted to their will. Always interesting. I would love to see them open up for Rabbits (rabbitusmaximus.com) , I think that would be a great match for a good show. “Suspension” is a strange druggy trip with your “Cool” uncle to Yosemity where you drop acid, almost drown in a creek bed while your Aunt takes off her clothes and wanders around talking about God’s Eye. So that might be a different track, but it’s there or maybe all the inference and chemicals at work were warping my brain. Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality – “Extinction of Worthless Humanity” – facebook.com/officialvomitremnants– uniqueleader.com- I like the vocal style in this song as well as the drum fills towards the end of the song. Not something you normally hear. I like the fact that this isn’t your straight ahead pummeling speed metal. There are unusual or unlikely elements throughout. I also enjoy the vocal interplay between the two vocalists. They compliment each other perfectly. Interesting when the cartoon oompah band comes in at the end of “Inflicted Artificial” while eight songs at about four and a half minutes each might be pushing it, it might seem the same because of the intensity if they went with my recommended six songs. Varaha – 3 Song EP – varaha.bandcamp.com –“Ghost” – there are three songs on this EP. One is an instrumental wedged in between songs. Atmospherically crossing Coldplay with death metal, neat trick. Building a house in post modern times can be tricky. There are all kinds of building codes , structure settlements , blue print certifications, it’s endless. Oh, it can be done but it is a lot of work. In the end you usually end up with something you like but will always feel that the effort was a lot more then the final outcome. Uniform Choice– SCREAMING FOR CHANGE – Reissue on Southern Lord Records- southernlord.com -(1980’s Hardcore release, originally released in 1986)- “Screaming for Change” – I’m...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 4

here’s some more bullshit you never asked for, so enjoy or whatever. Music Reviews Madder Mortem – Red in Tooth and Claw- “Fallow Season” -years ago starburst thought that they would branch out into the chewing gum field. However, their entry was flavorful for a few seconds (30 if you were lucky) and it had the consistency of a wet sweetart. This is like that but in reverse. (Ed. Note- sorry about that folks, I’ll be taking over the rest of this review). What Chrissy Hynde might have sounded like fronting a new metal band. Martyrdod – List- Facebook.com/martyrdod – “LIST” – well this is exactly as you think it would be, thrash metal. Hundreds of miles an hour w/ growled high throaty vocals. There are some nice riff packages through out that you should keep an ear open to hear. I find the riffs way more interesting than just blazing through one song after another. The clip allows you to hear a sonic palavar between speed thrash and multi metal. It has such a good guitar solo, a cool way to direct all that speed metal rage. Its that guitar work on this album that keeps it from being a mundane exercise. “Halos of Fallen Angels” has the best guitar work ,maintains a brutal pace. Risk Relay– As We Descend- “Sea of Light” – “Lonely the Converted mind” is a decent instrumental flavored with some farfisa organ. I know this is going to come off as Old Manish of me, but whatever happened to the instrumental? Used to be nice to hear a band lay down something, a little different route to the same strip joint if you please,but today’s instrumental’s just bore me to death. This from “My weight disappearing” “ a drone needs a ghost of another kind”,is this a song about a nameless faceless acceptance of a middle class boring life or a song about bees? I do like the funky breakdown during “Healer Revealing”. All the songs have the same tempo,beat and feel to them. I realize that a band is a band, but I would like to see stretch a bit. White Willow– Future Hopes- FUTURE HOPES- I’m having a hard time getting a handle on this one. Steely Dan mixed with the Cars? With pleasing whispered female vocals. “A scarred view” is over 18 minutes. 18 plus really. How in the world do you have that much to say in one song?...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 3

Music Reviews Wulkanaz– “Ribbon of Shadow” – PARALYS- Facebook.com/wulkanaz– I would listen to this again. There is a light almost hollow touch on the production. Listening to the first track, it makes me think I should just turn off the rest of the album because it won’t be more open or pure for me hearing a band’s first track. That would be wrong though, because this speed metal with drums going fast (“No I said faster”) is played perfectly by this band. The second song locks it in, some bands would have went thrash full on heavy, with riffs so muddled it was would be like oatmeal. That this has a nice light production really helps the songs breath and feel almost juanty and fun. No need to worry though. The rest of the album is in the same vein. At the Wayside– the Breakdown and the Fall- “How We Live” –facebook.com/atthewayside – sounds like one of those bands that would have been on the Victory Records label back in the 1990’s. If you didn’t listen to their releases they had either the hard brutal metal releases or the kind of flowing riff rock metal stuff. You could find good in both camps, but I tended to veer more to the brutal metal cause that’s my tastes. Lots of Joe Satriani like riffs. This is not something that I would listen to in my spare time. It’s a bit too poppy, polished metal for me, good harmony and backing vocals though. Has some of the break down, distorted vocal pieces with shouted chorus in the songs. Pretty standard operating procedure for this type of music. Metalcore? Possibly, if I knew exactly what that was. Lyrically I’m nowhere near this kind of mental torment. At my age it’s not “thinking about that night” anymore, it’s “I wonder what the hell is still wrong with me”. I can afford no luxury towards anyone not feeling something towards me. This is very well played, but it’s clean like a freshly minted gomer pyle commerative plate that has never seen a scrap of food. There are no rough edges. They remind me of Jimmy Eat World, but it’s just to damn pretty for me to care about. Heavy riffs with clean cut very same sounding bubblegum nonsense. Makes me wish I was younger and didn’t hate myself so much. No it doesn’t. Walk the Plank– Cemetery Vacation– “Dying on the Vine”- that song...

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