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SLTM 2.0 Episode 22 – Claude Felder and His amazing puppets

Typhoid Rosie– THIS IS NOW- (live stream review) – Typhoidrosie.com – catchy pop music, with good female lead vocals. Blondie adjacent. Some sing a long choruses. Question, why does “Belong to Somebody” fade out like that? Its almost like someone during the mix leaned on the fader, it stuck so they went with it. Weird. Is “Broken Man” about an absent father? Someone leaving you to fend for yourself? Or am I just projecting? “Pieces” should be the single from this album. Good guitar hook. There’s longing, someones adrift with a bit a melancholy sadness in the vocals. Maybe I’m way off base for calling this comparison up, but the singer reminds me of Penelope Houston of the Avengers. Of course, Typhoid Rosie is way more poppy and slick than the Avengers but I feel a connection between the two. Maybe its because I’m a bit simple. And a bit dull. My wife says so all the time. Very catchy and easy to hear. Will go along with my collection of Claude Felder puppets. Afterbirth– THE TIME TRAVELERS DILEMMA – “Needles and Drills” – uniqueleader.com – facebook.com/afterbirthNYDeathMetal – its best not to judge a book by it’s cover. But then again how do we tell the dumb guy? We’ve all done it before, and we will probably do again in the future. Even the best of us do it. It’s a hard program to exit out of. That said, I knew exactly what Afterbirth was by judging its cover. Sometimes it works. However, unlike some croaky black metal bands, they do deliver the odd drum fill, guitar skronk or tripped over tampini to elicit a quirky nod of my head. “Multiverse Dementia”, I do like the croaking frog echo track vocals. Sounds almost drippy. Cool effect. “Timeless Formless” starts off with a guitar riff stolen from an emo band. I thought at first that my MP3 player fucked up again. Sometimes it will drop other bands into a song or jump to the next band I’m reviewing. Nope it’s still afterbirth. Also in the song there is some dude trapped in a well and I say trapped because I don’t think he fell in. He’s mad because he was put there, screaming up at those who imprisoned him there. “I may not be able to get out of here, but your day of reckoning is coming”. “Transcendental Object at the end of History” has a nice Zappa opening. Atriarch–...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 21 – Danny Bridgewater leaves the scene

Necrot – BLOOD OFFERING- “Beneath” – tankcrimes.com – First listen/First Thoughts: not distracting like some black metal can be. Most bands or a few more than some, try to bludgeon you to death with drums going a thousand beats per or with low growled vocals. I like what Necrot is dishing out. Clean vocals, swaggering beat with all the heaviness you would want. “Layers of Darkness” has a nice loose blusey boogie to it. I think in “Rather Be Dead” he does say “Prostitute suffer your crime”, is this said from a point of revenge? Or maybe it’s of Murderous Self Righteousness? We also get the obligatory “Buhh Uhh” from the vocalist. It must be one of those things that signifies that your in a black metal or metal band. Kind of like that “Boowhoopp” sound my friends and I would make when we were out in the woods making our bmx trail. When this band gets a chuggin’ heat going like on “Beneath” I’m enjoying it but they tend to use that down fret riff too much. ALL OUT WAR– DYING GODS- “Servants to the Obsolete” – facebook.com/alloutwarunofficial- (released in 2015, they have since released GIVE US EXTINCTION in 2017) – There is a certain , not sure stigma is right, but lets use it, a stigma attributed to knowing a band and liking their music. We’ve reviewed and talked about All Out War here before. We enjoy their music. So fairly or not their current release will be judged against that. It’s not as unfair as hating or being luke warm on a band, but it does narrow your views a bit. Nobody, except maybe Hawk Harrelson, wants to be a homer. On “Nothing Left to Bleed” he says “you’re heroes have left you down”, which has an interesting juxtaposition of using the idea of Left instead of let. It changes it to instead of waiting for a hero, you should never believe in them in the first place. They will just leave you down, so that they can forever be worshipped. “Choking on Indifference” has a really good guitar solo, a cool drum break down and good lyrics. “Arise” steals a riff from “Let there be Rock” and that’s cool as shit with me, cause it’s a great riff. “You date raped Mother Nature” from “God is Dead” , wow. The song also has another really damn fine guitar solo. New Tongues– DARK LIGHT- “Beautification Project”...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 20

Punchline- LION- (Streaming review, no clip) – InVogue Records– store.invoguerecords.com – It’s because I’m old as fuck, and have been reviewing music for over 30 years that I can make these sweeping generational generalities: This is what the kids in Titanic Love Affair would write during their summer off while listening to The Monkees and thinking the Monkees had it almost right with their album HEAD. I would probably like this more if their youth, which pisses off everyone my age, wasn’t blocking my vision. It’s not that they can’t play or that some of their ideas are youthfully undershot. No, it’s the energy. I suppose its what happens when you get older. How dare they be okay with their energy and sincerity. I’ll give them another listen or two and see if my mind rebends itself to the early 90’s. PS- this is why I don’t like to review streaming music, the link has expired so my further listens could not be had. Also I hate to be tied down to the computer and like to download something to listen to it in different arena’s. That’s okay, I appreciate anyone who sends me stuff hear. Earth Witch – OUT OF THE SHALLOW- earthwitch.bandcamp.com -“Earth Witch” I had this dream when I was ten years old that I’ve never told anyone about. But now when I hear this release it brings it all flooding back. My mom and dad get divorced, and my mom remarries Danny Joe Brown from Molly Hatchet. We go on the road with the band touring the south during the summer. Playing every dirthole country fair and gathering in sight. I’m the youngest roadie and I’m so happy to be with my mom and Danny Joe, from Molly Hatchet. Also I’m not going school but I’m learning life lessons while hanging out with a popular rock band. It’s beautiful in its simplistic bombasity. This would be the sound track to our road journeys. Besides that let me just say that I love Earthwitch, and that I’ve known Nathan Landolt for a long time. I look forward to hearing the band in the future, hope they continue and am very sincere with sharing this dream from my childhood many many years ago. Oranssi Pazuzu– FARMAKOLOGINEN – songs from a splith with Candy Cane in 2010- oranssipazuzu.com – 20buckspin.com– “Unihamahakki”- new artwork and available as a stand alone on digital or 12 inch vinyl- very melodic. I’m...

sltm 2.0 episode 19 – Camping with Pat Williams

MUSIC REVIEWS Grid Failure&Megalophobe– DENDRITIC- “Phantom Climate” – facebook.com/gridfailure- megalophobe.bandcamp.com – those birds in the first song remind me how much I hate birds. Opening your album with a ten minute plus atmospheric sojourn is ballsy. Throw in some goddamn birds, and an accordian on it’s last legs and you have yourself a Sunday Night out in the woods. At least thats how Sundays were where I grew up. Track number two, more birds. I’m beginning to think that this is the soundtrack of the earth after humans disappear off of it. This is interesting but I wonder what the casual listener will get out of it? This is a record of the earth and all the sounds, vibes,tones and feelings its giving off after the annihilation of the Human Race. There is a certain radiation permeating through the air, you can hear it humming & flowing in the background, always there. Did we give ourselves a nuclear clear out? Is that what happens to us? “Phantom Climate” is light voices in the backyard, the first attempt by others to check out the earth and beam a report back. We can hear a few broadcast messages. Are there survivors here or are these just pre recorded messages of our doom? Meatwound– LARGO-”pigs” – facebook.com/MEATWOUND- magicbulletrecords.com – its a shame it’s only two songs, or did my mp3 player fuck again? Fucking piece of junk. I swear half the time it puts the songs on there and the other it fucks up. I’ll have to check and make aure its only two songs. I’ve checked and its acutally seven songs. Fuck me. This is the good kind of scuzzy rock and roll that’s good for your dirty sinful soul. The vocal effect they have works really well, it’s a bit buried in the mix but it’s effective. A little distorted and blurry. Nice touch. I like the bass mix in this also, highlighted by the bass rip in the song “Jungle Heart”. Silence Equals Death – END TIMES- “never ending story” – facebook.com/silenceequalsdeath – eulogyrecordings.com – “and in the end we all die”. Good old fashioned hardcore punk. Chewy, something to sink your teeth into. On song #10 “Life Hurts more”, the music stops with a couple of minutes to go, there is just silence, then they launch into “Traveling Band” by CRR. Is this real? Or did my goddamn play fuck up again? “Reparations” starts off with a Ratt...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 18 – Pizza Magee

MUSIC REVIEWS Suffering Hour– IN PASSING ASCENSION- Blood Harvest- Facebook.com/SufferingHourMetal – debut album – “Through Vessels Arcane P…” – this from their press release last year “there’s something elusively transcendent about the sonic wormholes Suffering Hour create here”- maybe it’s because I’m working overtime everyday and I’m beyond tired that my defenses are down and I don’t dismiss things as easily? Maybe there is something to that, I don’t know. This is your standard death metal but there is something that appeals to me about it. I don’t think its my state of constant sleep deprivation & vulnerability. It is your Uncles brand of death metal, faster drums than the ones he’s beating his old meat to & low growled vocals. So low I can’t hear them in the background at times. Plus punching throbbing bone machine gristle. Okay, so maybe my Uncle is different from yours, he served in Nam and he had a Blue Cheer cover band in his late twenties after he got out of the service. I did like the groove of Track 5 “Withering Microcosmos” , an instrumental which sounds like a trip on a demented train in some county fair. You pass by burnt out buildings and desolation greets you as you slide down the rails. So This Is Suffering– PALACE OF THE PESSIMIST- facebook.com/sothisissuffering- uniqueleader.com– “Dreameater” (last minute or so) – Two Demons fighting it out to heard. Sometimes they share the stage and spread their message together. This is their story. The two demons are close friends all through school and after graduation they decide to move in together. They share the rent on a small two bedroom apartment in the city. One goes to welding school and the other decides to become a desiel mechanic. “Lechorous” tells the story of people eating other peoples food and not replacing it. All the songs tell a story about what it is to be young, poor, and friends while living together. Demons, like the rest of us, have a code to live by and while it might be different things from us, they still have annoyances and problems. I think during the song “Columbine” the demons are saying that they could have killed themselves, follow a code, and if you’re unhappy do it to yourself first. “Dreameater” talks about waking up one day to realize you are 32 years old and in a bad marriage and a job you hate. Higher Power– SOUL...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 17 – Intenses

MUSIC REVIEWS Foreseen– GRAVE DANGER – “Government Cuts” – 20buckspin.cm – facebook.com/foreseen – This is the kind of old school thrash metal that I enjoy. SOD, early Metallica, Slayer, 1980’s thrash metal sounds. Good stuff. I really don’t know how or really why some bands can pull this off, like Foreseen does so well here. Maybe it’s because they are Finnish and have digested all that thrash metal from a distance. Then they can completely ape it without sounding tired or distracted. It is something that is seemingly simple but really easy to fuck up. “Downward Spiral” has a shake your ass groove that’s infectious. Although I did hear mention of depression in the lyrics. Actually, I’m not even sure they are speaking English. Its too fast for me to catch every word. “Grave Danger” is one of the faster songs on the album. I can make out more words in it, so yes it is English. No let up between songs, no acoustic like breakdown nonsense to take a breather with on this one. Plus the singer does the old school “Buahhh” at the beginning of “Government Cuts”, which is a favorite vocal move of mine. Nice work. The above song has gun shots, perhaps a shoot out and what sounds like Finnish news reports. A statement perhaps on where we will be if the Government inacts such cuts here hurting the neediest people. Tehom- The Merciless Light- blood harvest/helter skelter/regain records- “With Patience and Faith” -debut album- sweden- bloodharvest.se– love this quote from the PR place that sent this release to me, “the quartet took their time to finesse and fine tune their sound into one that spans decades without bearing the stench of “retro” tedium”. Nice. – maybe its because I have gotten a ton of sleep lately and have more patience or am open to it more but this release was good. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. First track is a creepy demonic priest damning us all to hell in Germantic glee. On “Heart of Perdition” I could have sworn that they called out Comedian, Actor, Producer, author Jay Mohr. But, what would they have against the star of “Gary Unmarried”? Oh yeah. Track 6, “Tehom Invocation” that creepy bastard returns, some backwards masking. It’s creepy as hell. Damn you, if someone was to show up outside my house at night with just a flash light under the chin with this track...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 16- Like a bad rash that never goes away

MUSIC REVIEWS Emperor X – Over sleepers International- “Warmth Perimeter” – tiny engines– emperorx.bandcamp.com – tinyengines.net – my first impression of this band is that they have listened to way too much Barenaked Ladies music. Yeah, they sound like that aforementioned Canadian rock band, catchy ditties with easy to enjoy vocals. Clap along feel good melodies. Unlike BNL, whose music I dislike quite a bit, I feel like if I pay attention to this band I would get smarter and more curious about the world around me. Did I hear someone mention re-districting? See. “Warmth Perimeter” is a nice change of pace, a new age dancey number that reminds me why we all like music. You maybe a band who plays AC/DC like rock, but what’s wrong with some Prince sneaking into your music? We are all influenced by many things, why not mention them all, no matter how disparate? “Low orbit in common” is about Kevin from Home Alone, how his parents became serial child leave behinders and how it affected his relationships the rest of his life. It was not a one time thing his parents did, or even a two time thing. I hear some Talking Heads in there. By the way, Kevin’s parents did admit years later that at some point they weren’t simply forgetting about him, and that they just needed some time away from him. “Sometimes you really bug me and we just needed a break, your father and I”. “Five Hour Energy” reminds me of why I love Sparklehorse so much, actually its reason #52. The beautiful simplicity and mesmerizing tanginess of the track calls to mind one of my favorite tracks on the GOLDDAY EP. Enslaved– Roadburn Live- Roadburn records– celebrated 25 years together in 2016- was a vinyl RSD exclusive 2017 – enslaved.no- roadburn.com – This band comes off , at least on the first song, like a heavier Smiths or more accurately a Soundgarden loving band with Throat scratching vocals interplayed with Cornellian like crooning. This live recording sounds really good. I would go see this band live. At one point I heard the old chestnutt “the archs on you” why can’t it be on you as well or how about all of us? How come I’m the only idiot who keeps falling for the “joke”?I do believe if I’m very much mistaken that this was released on vinyl for RSD black friday 2017 (actually it was the RSD...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 15 – This again

MUSIC REVIEWS ORM– ORM- “Apothesis” – self titled debut album- facebook.com/ormband – ormband.bandcamp.com – released march 2017- to be honest this isn’t my cup of tea. Reason being that its speedy black metal with drums a thousand miles a minute and demonic vocals. Not that all of it is uninteresting to me but I’ve heard a ton of it, and it tends to be a bit repetitive. But wait, what is this? In Claptian “Layla”-esque style the band breaks “Apothesis” into two pieces, and the back part instrumental is their strangest material yet. The last song “A tree a blaze” has some interesting twists and turns but before it can rescue itself from a well trod path its back to the speed drumming and guitar licks fast, fast, exploding. Bored. Okay, as I do with some reviews where I just don’t think I’m getting it, I like to put them aside for a few weeks and then give them another run. Here goes: I do like the end of the first song, and there are parts of the middle and middle end of the second song that I like. When they slow it down, step away from the relentless beating of the drums, they make an interesting sound. “Temple of the Deaf” must be a quiet place. I would imagine. However, the band is talking about not those who can’t hear but those that refuse to listen. That’s just a guess. Again, this song showcases their strengths and their normality all in one. When they slow it down and let some air and space into a song, it really develops into something interesting for me. But then they slip right back into beating us over the head with that rubber mallet. Bludgeoning us into crossed eyed boredom. At the seven minute mark of “temple of the deaf” there is such a perfect slice of what it is that makes me interested to hear their next release, and hesitant all at once. I like where it heads to but then I’m afraid they are going to fall into that same old muddy trap. Agoraphobic Nosebleed – “Not a daugther” – ARC 3 song EP- relapse.com – facebook.com/AgoraphobicNosebleed- the first song deals with how much if anything do you owe to the dying person in their bed after a lifetime of abuse at their hands? Do you owe anything but rancid hatred to a person who is trying to treat you...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 14 – Flat Out waste of time

Music Reviews Wolf Brigade – RUN WITH THE HUNTED- “Return to none” – southernlord.com – facebook.com/lycanthropunks – now that the original lineup of Motorhead has gone from the earth, who will take up their mantle of Rock? Wolfbrigade is up to the task. Vagabonds– I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW- “Ambulance” – Facebook.com/VagabondsMichigan – I don’t think the double lead with weird distortion trick used on at least the first three tracks serves the singer well. It’s a bit distracting. Then when he yells in track three it is just a distorted mess. The self involved seriousness and pretenious nature of the subjects batted about with youthful importance leaves me cold. Maybe when I was twenty five years old, in a bad marriage, a crappy job wondering why my place in this world was getting farther and farther away from me I would have enjoyed the solitude, hopefulness and bleak corridors of this release. Now that I’m experienced, salted and bitter I know its all a bunch of fantastic self involved defeatist bullshit. “old friends wherever you are” has a message. Suicide is an easy way out of this mess but if you just look forward, even if that hope is based in pure blind faith, its more of a path than just ending it all. Or maybe the song is about Tacos. How the fuck do I know? I’ve never been that perceptive. Until Rain– INURE- “A broken wing” – 3rd album from these greek alt/prog metal peoples – first album since 2013- facebook.com/untilrain – lasersedgegroup.com – “A Broken Wing” – What Queen would have sounded like if they grew up listening to Queen, FNM, and Prince. No, what would the kids of the band Triumph (Formed in 1975 in Toronto, three piece that drew comparisons to Rush. Best album was 1981’s ALLIED FORCES. Which I had in cassette form in my collection back in the day) would sound like if they grew up hearing everything Triumph did but wanted it to sound a bit tougher. The whisper singing on “A broken wing” freaks me out a bit. Also it makes one think of what christopher cross would sound like if he hadn’t been alive in the 60’s, 70’s but today digesting popular music. In between their metal and rock records from Queen and Dragonforce I bet you would find some Steely Dan records. Okay, if I’m reading “This Fear” right I would have to say that...

SLTM 2.0 Episode 13 – Its Buggin Yo

Music Reviews Rozamov– THIS MORTAL ROAD- “Inhumation” – (find a part with singing)- they have a four song live album on their bandcamp for name your price ddl – rozamov.bandcamp.com – I thought the first song was gonna be a loss. There is very little call for an opening track that is ten minutes plus, but the vocals kick in at almost eight minutes. So it’s okay now. I did enjoy the shakey piano weirdness plopped down by track fours “Swallowed and Lost”. I’m not sure what it means but I always encourage bands, people, whomever to follow that weird impulse to mix it up. That not only goes for music but life as well. This release is for those who have sometime on their hands and some ground sausage to smoke ( I hear that’s what the kids are into these days). If you want something quick, fast and over in two minutes call my friend Derek, he’ll take care of you. Oozepus– YOUR LIMIT- “Cyn” -Malignant Records- facebook.com/oozepus – malignantrecords.com – vocals have a nice effect, part of the vocals he sounds like he’s drowning in water. Trying to breath out his last warning. Pretty cool. I like the caveman beat they got going on in “Cyn”, its the reason I chose it as the clip to play. I also like the marching band drums at the end of “farmers”, signifying to me the repetitive mind numbing work that farmers do, a job vital to the world but a bit dull in its day to day operation. Probably a reason it’s dying as a vocation. I would like to see this band tour the Midwest with Rabbits. Would be a good live fit. I’ve listened to this more than five times all the way through. In total. The four songs are a nice starter. Good way to introduce yourself to the band. I’m really just a simple humble idiot, cause those tribal drum beats really appeal to me on “Cyn”. Maybe they go right to my basic instinct and rhythm. I like it. Also as mentioned before I like a heavy band that takes their time, too many times a band will speed faster just to see if they can get your head to snap off its moorings. Break neck rock paces have their place of course, but this band knows that the journey is best taken slowly and with trudging care than through the many potholes...

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