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The Place was heeving, Absolutley Chocker!

Welcome to Season Six of SLTM (the Podcast). On this episode there is a interview clip with Bison B.C. James and Matt were kind enough to sit down with me and talk about the band, their music and future plans. Nice guys too, they gave me a beer while we chatted. Their album DARK AGES is just a really good album, one of the best from last year, I even played it on my best of show in December of 2010 (check out that show for a song from the album). Plus there is good music a plenty on Episode 120. Don’t forget new episodes all the way until Thanksgiving break, that’s Ten Episodes of new music and me chattering away about nonsense. As my good buddy Steve Jiff always says “JUST TUNE IT IN!” Find us on Twitter – @frankdell45 or hit the button the side of the homepage. Find us on Facebook too! Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast): Maltross Timeshares Chthonic Family Lumber Loney Dear Black Cobra Monochrome SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 120 [ 50:23 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Rvins Full Interview at Mike N Mollys 8/19/2011

Nathan and Mao from Rvins, a Champaign area Heavy Rock Band, were kind enough to talk to me outside of Mike N Molly’s on August 19th 2011. We talked about their music, upcoming shows, releases on Nathan’s Error Records and more. We played a clip of the interview in Episode 119 of SLTM (the Podcast). Now here is the full conversation. If you enjoy the interview, follow the link below to Rvins Bandcamp site and listen to their music, and download their EP LUNGS and give em a few bucks for some good heavy music. Rvins Bandcamp Site Rvins Full Interview from 8/19/2011 [ 9:15 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Secrets to a good relationship or How to maintain an erection

I said “Fuck” on the radio one time.It was back when I was working at WLKL 90 FM Lakeland College in Mattoon, IL. I was working a six hour shift at night, and my good buddy Marc Hendrill had stayed over from his shift to hang out. We started chatting on the air, telling stories, making up stuff to make us seem interesting. Then we put out a call for someone to bring us free food. We were poor college kids, looking for someone to bring us a free burger or taco. Marc – “All we are saying is, if you own a sandwich shop or just made a pizza and no one picked it up, bring it out to Lakeland and we’ll tell everyone how great your food taste” Brad – “Yeah. Anything will do. We’re starving here. Just bring us a fucking Sandwich…..” Then I paused for a few seconds, looked at Marc in shock and turned the mics off and played a song. Thankfully, the program director/station manager wasn’t listening at the time. I panicked. I should have kept talking like it was no big deal, and then played a song. I was like a scared kid who accidentally hit a car with his dirt clod. I ran away. Now I can say Fuck all I want, I’m doing a free music podcast. Sad thing is, no one is listening now either. OH WELL…..FUCK!!! Music on Episode 119 of SLTM (The Podcast) Luther Megaton Leviathan Banquets Alaric Peter Wolf Crier Archive Cassette Track- MIND EXTINGUISHERS – “I don’t wanna win/lose” – From the Cassette Tape OUT OF THE BASEMENT & STILL SMILING Classic Album Now- STEEL POLE BATHTUB – Tulip Maidens Interview Clip – Nathan and Mao from Rvins at Mike N Mollys Champaign,IL 8/19/2011 – Rvins Bandcamp Site – Error Records on Bandcamp SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 119 [ 55:07 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

The Dirty Feathers interview at Cowboy Monkey 8/12/2011

The Dirty Feathers are a local Champaign/Urbana rock group. Really one of the finest bands around. They recently gave away a two song CD at their Cowboy Monkey Show, We played “Death Trap” on Episode 117. We look forward to their CD release at Pygmalion Festival. Brad was able to stand and chat with Andrew Kling and Ted Faust of the Dirty Feathers about their Two Song CD, Upcoming plans for the fall and their album release. Many thanks to Andrew and Ted for being really nice guys and talking to me about their music. If you have a chance after listening to the interview, go to their website and Facebook page. Dirty Feathers Cowboy Monkey Interview [ 8:10 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Secret Colours Full Interview from 8/12/2011

Below is the full interview we did with the Chicago Band Secret Colours. It was recorded outside at the Cowboy Monkey on August 12th 2011. They Opened up for the Dirty Feathers and sounded really good. The guitar playing was especially good, Dave can really play some great chords. My only complaint was that the microphone was tuned down a bit and I couldn’t hear the singing as well as I would like. A good band and some really good songs. Listen to this interview with Dave, Tommy, Dylan, and Justin and then go check out their site and their band camp page. Good tunes, Good guys. Many thanks to Andrew from the Dirty Feathers for help facilitating this interview. Secret Colours Secret Colours Bandcamp Site Full Secret Colours Interview [ 7:30 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Complete Dirty Feathers Interview

We had a chance to talk to Andrew Kling and Ted Faust of The Dirty Feathers before their show at Mike N’ Molly’s in Champaign, IL on July 10, 2011. It was a nice short chat, I will take the blame for that one, I should have a few more questions lined up. The sound is pretty good, and Andrew and Ted couldn’t have been nicer. A really good up and coming group, Dirty Feathers played great and put on a good show. Check out the interview then head on over to their web site and find out more about them and when they are playing next. PS- I let the tape on the interview go on a bit after the usual thanks you’s and what not because I wanted to share the band you hear in the background The Curses, and two so you could hear my girlfriend at the end say she loves The Dirty Feathers, which she does. Normally I would cut that out, but I thought both things should be included in the interview. The Dirty Feathers Complete Interview [ 9:52 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download The Dirty Feathers Web...

If Only Lucky Larry V Could See me Now!

I liked to tell you a story about the first time I ran into Larry V at his Fried Egg Palace in Farmer City. I was a bit down on my luck, I’d been fired from my job managing a chicken farm and had been hitting the bottle a little too hard. One day I stumbled into Larry’s Fried Egg Palace. There he was behind the counter talking to customers, a short squat man wearing a ball cap two sizes too small for his head. Just chatting away, telling stories about his time in the Air Force. I staggered up to the counter, about to puke. Larry just sized me up and said “Hey Partner, did I ever tell you about the time I was stuck in the woods with a bad case of herpes and nothing to drink to Peroxide?” and with that began a long beautiful relationship. I went to work for Larry not long after, working my way up from dish washer to head cook and eventually his right hand man. It was a beautiful two months. I miss the place, and when I get hungry for Meatloaf Fried Egg Supreme, I stop in Farmer City. Larry is still there, talking about his “war” wounds and his trek across America on a Tricycle. I love that man, if it wasn’t for him, there would be no SLTM (The Podcast). So this one is for you Larry, thanks a ton buddy your just like a jabbering angel whom god got tired of hearing from. Music on this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast) #112: Drainland Deep Sleep Quinn Hedges Handguns Run, Forever – Split 7 Inch with The Wild Agathocles Braid Grave Mistake Records Band Camp Site – Stream 30 Grave Mistake Releases The Dirty Feathers Site – Interview Clip Episode 112, Complete Interview next Week SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 112 [ 39:57 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Complete Nate Kinsella Interview

Here is the complete 19 minute Nate Kinsella Interview. We played a clip from it on Episode 111 of SLTM (The Podcast). We sat down with Nate in Late June at Caffe Paradiso to talk about the new Birthmark album he is working on. Nate is a really nice guy and very fun to talk to, we discussed the accordion, Nate recording with Joan of Arc, Kickstarter (where I first heard about the new Birthmark record), and his tour plans. Thanks for listening and please check out Nate’s web site. Nate Kinsella Complete Interview [ 19:31 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Interview with Ryan of Mixtapes

Hello there, and welcome to a very special interview episode of SLTM (the Podcast). On May 28th 2011, my girlfriend and I went to Firehouse Pizza in Bloomington, IL to see Mixtapes. We had a good time, Red City Radio was really good as well as Mixtapes. I was able to sit down with Ryan of Mixtapes to talk about the band, the tour, their problems getting into Canada and the idea of including download codes with Vinyl releases. We were joined by Paul and Garrett from Red City Radio and an unknown female patron who witnessed both bands rocking. She butts in about half way into the interview to discuss sexual devices and other topics. Who she was I have no idea, but she really wanted to share the info on her grandfather and his sex device making abilities. Many thanks to Ryan, Paul and Garrett for talking with me. Below is the full interview. The Other Two clips will be posted separately and if you would like to post them somewhere else on the web please feel free. Enjoy. Mixtapes Complete Interview [ 19:25 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download...

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