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Party Battleship – Full Interview

Here is the full interview with the band Party Battleship, thanks to John Morris for answering our questions with a sense of humor and making the interview fun. It’s always nice to talk to someone who can think on their feet and roll with the dumb questions. Check out the band here- Party Battleship. 1. Some people say your music is devil music, how do you …..wait that’s a question for another band, sorry. Here we go, is your music about Satan? Why does Satan get all the credit? What about Adramlech, Budsturga, Nergal, and Nihasa? Why must they be fated to illegible metal fonts, and naught much more? There’s even a demon, among the thousands out there, named Leonard, yet no one ever accused a rock band of backward-masking Leonard worshipping chants into their records. I suppose if I was to write about Satan, it would be in the Byronic hero/Miltonic context, of the freedom seeking outlaw who gets tossed out of his digs. I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel. In short, no, not about Satan specifically— personal demons probably, interpersonal demons possibly, but no. And the band of demons definitely beat Johnny. 2. I’ve realized later in life that I’m really just a basic kind of idiot. What is something you’ve realized about yourselves lately? I’ve realized that I should stop worrying and accept the fact that I’m a Adam West Batman kinda guy, and that really I can accept no substitutes, with the possibility of Michael Keaton. And I’m ok with that. 3. In the Navy, Party Battleship is the designation for a cruiser that is carrying heavy armaments. True or something that I just made up? You can put your mind at ease. Our Battleship is only built for sailing the seven seas. Can’t you see we need a hand? Come on and join your fellow man.  4. Alf is to stand up comedy as Party Battleship is too…..? The gang-being-chased music on Scooby Doo. 5. Rowdy Roddy Piper, great wrestler or the greatest of All Time? DEFINITELY greatest of all time. He came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass—and he’s all out of bubblegum. May he rest in peace. 6. in the song “El Condor Pasa” after they say “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail” they say “Yes I would, If I only Could, I surely Would” , it makes me think that in life we are always the nail wishing...

Our Darkest Days Interview

Our Darkest Days released their new album A COMMON AGONY on Bird Attack Records in November 2016, I had a chance to talk to them via email about Music, Canadian People, Humor and how to kill the boredom while touring. Thanks to the band for talking to me and Tony from Earshot for setting it up. 1. This is your first release together, did you have any idea of its sound before you went in to record it? We had a good idea what it might sound like. We had worked a lot on our sound and we were equipped to make pre-production. But as for the final result, once the mixing and mastering was over, we had no idea that the guys we worked with would deliver such a product. We have chosen beasts, and we are really happy and proud of what it has given.   2. Did playing in other bands help you form the idea of the sound of Our Darkest Days? Any things you wanted to do different or a different direction you wanted to go?   ODD is a grouping of former members of different projects that we had together over the years. When we started composing we had a guideline, we knew where to go. We didn’t want to deviate from a few points and to have experienced certain avenues in the past together, prevented us from repeating the same errors we made before in the composition of the songs. It was obvious to us that we wanted to go into the fast, technical, and melodic. The worst aspects that we had in the past have been left out. Just like the way we write song lyrics, we chose to take what we did the best and put it all together in what we are doing now. 3. Some of my favorite comedy comes from Canada, SCTV, Kids in the Hall, Norm MacDonald, are people from colder climes naturally funnier? That’s a good question. Historically, families in my part of the country often gathered to spend the evenings together, to celebrate, to organize big suppers. We all have an uncle or a grandfather who tells stories to make us laugh. I think the fact that it is cold and we meet in the winter in our houses has made us people who are close to our family. In my opinion, everything starts from there, from our surroundings. We are more focused on...

Complete Lost Empires Interview from October 2016

I had a chance to talk to the full band in October when they visited Bloomington, IL. I was able to get their thoughts on a lot of subjects. Here is the complete interview. Check out their music too Lost Empires Lost Empires Complete Interview October 2016 [ 12:44 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Part One – Like Like the the the Death Interview

Part One – Like Like the the the Death Interview Like Like The The The Death and Tyranny is Tyranny hoped in the van and headed down to Champaign, IL to play Mike N Molly’s to play on July 26, 2014. I met up with them, watched their sets and talked to LLTTTD members Dan, Kyle, Michael, and Anthony. Here are a few clips from the first part of the interview. The Second part with will post later this week will have a live show review and some more interview clips including Russel from Tyranny is Tyranny. Latest Flame Records Tyranny is Tyranny Like Like The The The Death Interview -Running a Label with Dan [ 4:07 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download LLTTTD Interview clip 2 - Label Relationships [ 5:52 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download LLTTTD Interview clip 3 - Van's Breaking down and touring [ 2:40 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download LLTTTD Interview Clip 4 - Tip a Sacred Cow [ 3:35 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Somos- Live Interview plus Show Review

Somos Runaway Brother Live 6/9/2014 Firehouse Pizza and Pub Normal, IL There were two other bands on the bill, so I apolgize to them for not seeing them or remembering their names. I showed up after the start time and it seemed like they hadn’t started yet. So I heard the third band, and all of the Runaway Brother set and the complete Somos set. Now onto my thoughts about the show. I have never fit in perticularly well anywhere in life, not that I feel like an outsider, I don’t really, but I would enjoy it to much if I was an outsider. No, I always feel a bit awkward and out of place, and I thought that by the time I hit a mature age, somewhere past thirty, that I would feel less like this person. Nope, I guess this never goes away. The reason I bring this up is, I have a weird anxiety moment whenever I set up an interview with a band, be they younger bands like Somos or veterans like the Gaza Strippers. I feel anxious before the show, during the show and mostly while interviewing people. I force myself, well force might be a bit strong, I tell myself that I need to do this, that the anxiety will go away. It’s an irrational fear, and even though I have interviewed hundreds of people, it will never completely go away. So,here I was again driving from Champaign up to a really cool bar, one that books good young bands and indie acts regularly, to see and interview a band I had never met. Nervous? Not really, it’s more of an anxious feeling, like I’m going to say something completely off the wall, panic, feel my chest constrict, my breath shorten and then I run away in terror. It never happens, but that feeling is always there. The bands? For the most part couldn’t be cooler. Nicer, easy going people I don’t think you’ll find. They are always cool about sitting there, answering my stupid questions. Hell, the guys in Somos offered me a beer ( so did Bison when I interviewed them) and to put me on the guest list. There was only one time,and I think it was the Frames drummer, when someone couldn’t sit and answer my questions. That wasn’t because he was an asshole, he was just too cool to sit down and chat with me and the other...

Broadcaster Interview at Firehouse Pizza and Pub Normal, IL 10/19/2013

I sat down with Jesse, Anthony and Tom from Broadcaster before their set at Firehouse Pizza and Pub in Normal Illinois on 10/19/2013 and talked to them about their new album, A MILLION HOURS and their tour. If you have never heard of the band go to their bandcamp page listed below or to Jump Start Records and buy a copy of the new LP. If you have never been to Firehouse Pizza and Pub in Normal, then you need to check it out sometime. It’s a good place to see some good bands for a cheap price. Broadcaster Bandcamp Jump Start Records Firehouse Pizze and Pub on Facebook Broadcaster Interview from 10/19/2013 [ 17:53 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Waxeater Interview at Mike N Molly’s 10/18/2013

Waxeater Interview at Mike N Molly’s 10/18/2013 I recently sat down with the guys in Waxeater, Jeremy, Rob and Zac to talk about their New record Baltimore Record out now on Latest Flame. The guys sat and talked to me after the gig. Due to some small technical glitches, mostly the guy sitting with his bored girlfriend playing over used DJ music inside the bar and my low batteries, this interview doesn’t sound so great or last very long. You would think that a guy who has interviewed people about music for over 24 years would: A. sit closer to the mike and B. make sure he had good batteries or backup batteries. We can all be rusty, I guess. Still the guys were a good conversation, listening to my stupid story about the Casino in Louisville and chatting even though they were road weary and worn out from a quick powerful set. Many thanks to Waxeater for sitting down and talking, and to Latest Flame Records setting it up and pointing me in the bands direction. I’ve got a new band that I like to follow. Waxeater Interview 10/18/2013 [ 10:42 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Coed Pageant sit down with Brad to talk about their band

I recently sat down with Gretchen and Bradley from Coed Pageant and talked to them about Record Store Day, their new EP The Seasons Vol.2 EP Rumspringa, and lots more stuff. The complete interview is a little over 17 minutes, but if you want to hear a clip listen to Episode 142 of SLTM (the Podcast). Check out their two EP’s here, give them a few bucks when you download them. Coed Pageant Complete Interview [ 17:38 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Pygmalion Music Festival Interview with The Parson Red Heads 9/22/2011

The Parson Red Heads sat down with me during Pygmalion Music Festival on September 22, 2011 to talk about their tour, their new album YEARLING and their wonderful harmonies. Many thanks to Christen from Presswolf PR for setting up the interview. The Parsons were wonderful people, easy to talk to and YEARLING is just a joy to listen to, wonderful harmonies and good music. Listen to the interview then head over to their website and listen to more of their songs. We played “Burning up the Sky” on Episode 122 of SLTM (the Podcast) which posts on October 5, 2011. Band members: Evan Way – songwriter, vocals, guitars Brette Marie Way – drums, vocals Sam Fowles – guitars, vocals, songwriter (“Happy We Agree”, “I Was Only”) Charlie Hester – bass, vocals The Parson Red Heads Facebook and main web site. The Parson Red Heads Complete Interview [ 14:15 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Complete Bison B.C. Interview Reggies Rock Club 9/17/2011

Here is the complete interview I did with James and Matt from Bison B.C. at Reggie’s Rock Club on September 17, 2011. Really good dudes, it was nice to talk to them and really cool of them to share a beer with me. Check out their last album DARK AGES on Metal Blade Records. Just a really solid, melodic and heavy record. One of my favorite Albums of 2010. Bison BC Complete Interview [ 14:57 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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