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25 Worse Singers than Geddy Lee of RUSH (Who rules by the way!)

Last year I got into another argument with my girlfriend about Rush, and more specifically Geddy Lee, the lead singer. She thinks he’s the worst singer ever, and that RUSH would sound ten times better with a singer that (and I quote) “Doesn’t sound like a woman who fell down a well, while trying to hold a pee in standing in two feet of rancid water”. Harsh words, I know. I set out to defend RUSH and Geddy Lee, cause I love the bands music and think that there is no way the band would be as good or as RUSH, without Geddy. Also he has a cool name. So on an episode of the SLTM podcast, I made a list of 25 singers worse than Geddy Lee. I announced the full list on Episode 129. Here is the list for you to comb over and ultimately agree with. I mean, Geddy Lee rules, we all know that and now so does my girlfriend. TWENTY FIVE WORSE SINGERS THAN GEDDY LEE (In no particular order): 1. Vince Neil- Motley Crue – Over processed and weak. Ten times worse than Geddy. 2. Stephen Percy – Ratt- Same Same. Fifteen times worse than Geddy. 3. Kevin Dubrow- Quiet Riot – Rest his soul. Not a strong singer and kind of a dick. 4. Dexter Holland- Offspring – Like the guy, but that voice ruins some good songs. 5. Tom Keifer – Cinderella- Okay when he sings like a normal person. Screetches a lot. 6. 1985 Chicago Bears- Super Bowl Shuffle? horrible and it berthed another turd. 7. Biz Markie- Love the guys music but I think he was intentionally out of tune. 8. John Mellencamp- Not a strong singer. A little thin,& sometimes there’s no passion. 9. Gwen Stefani – No Doubt- that baby girl voice she does early on is grating. 10. Noel Gallagher- Seems like he’s doing the demo version when he sings. 11. Paul Stanley- Like Kiss. Stanley is a weak singer, but fits great with Kiss. 12. Lou Reed- Not really a singe per se. More a mouth talker. Still bad. 13. Scott Stapp- Creed- Just awful. Plus he sang shitty lyrics. really bad. 14. Chad Kroeger- Nickelback- Another one who is just awful with bad lyrics. No more! 15. Cher- Not a strong singer, you can tell they process the hell out of that voice. 16. Janie Lane- Warrant- Rest his soul. Not a bad singer,...

We’ll be back in three to four weeks

Hope all is well. Just a note to let everyone know that Brad will be gone for up to four weeks. We look forward to seeing you all in October and hope that you find your way to the Holidays.  Brad has not allowed me to speak about the situation so I’ll just say, well, nothing.  Be sure to check out some fine podcasting at FAT ROBOT RADIO where Season Five continues all this month. Don’t forget the STEVE JIFF Cartoon too. Wonderful.  I would say something about praying for Brad, but he’s an atheist or an agnostic, so don’t waste your time.  I’ve gotta go, I’ve got “errands” to...

A Comic Genius

Man when I see clips like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwUl9HjahRg I can’t help but miss Chris Elliott.  A Comic Genius, who is a hero of mine. Oh well. At Least I have his new Book Mounting Mount Everest to look forward to this Fall. Still someone should collect everything he ever did on Letterman and put it out on a DVD. I would buy...

Another Review

Here is another review that I found while searching Brad’s crap to find something else. Thought I would share it. I believe that this review comes from RazorCake.  Enjoy. Silly Little Trouser Monkees #20, 8 x 11 newsprint, 50 pgs. “I want to read a story about two kids who get drunk and try to make out with girls. SLTM’s got it. It’s also got a record label profile of HAND MADE RECORDS, “Street Team Defined”, and “Bad Pick Up lines” that weren’t funny. At First, I started reviewing this zine and I thought “This is a crappy version of the ONION”, but parts of it were funny, so I take it back. I liked the reviews of fan groups (email lists, website and message boards) because I am a fucking dork.  There was some article called “Betsy Ross thinks you’re a Bitch” and I Liked it. So now I want to Fuck Betsy Ross. I don’t know how old these fuckers are but they sent me a note on the back of a chemistry cheat sheet, therefore I say they win the “Baddest Dudes who took The Chemistry Exam” Award.  – Gabe Rock So All in all, not a bad review. Course Brad always got points off and rightly so, for his crappy layout and design skills.  He was horrible at that. Just thought I would pass that along, now aren’t you glad you didn’t read that zine? Intestinal Cramping was a common problem among...

Good News Everyone

This is good news indeed. I’ve been looking forward to the movies, and the episodes that will be take from the movies, for awhile. Can’t wait.  I found this information on a Futurama Site the 4 new DVDs are all going to be released in “Glorious Widescreen” and will be available in both DVD and High-Definition format. Each movie is approximately 88 minutes long and will be cut and reconfigured to be shown as four individual episodes on Comedy Central sometime after the release on DVD (date has not yet been set). The current plan states that the TV episodes are going to be in 4:3 to match the earlier episodes. All the more reason to buy the DVDs once they are available! Futurama: Bender’s Big Score Release Date: November 27th, 2007 (To find out the plot of the movie, follow the link above to the Got Futurama Site. I won’t spoil it for...

In this Corner

I was looking at Yahoo Today and found this article or blog entry, rather interesting: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/36077 Well, it looks like Cigarettes aren’t the only thing that can hurt your lungs. Know what I say? Smoke up chicken shits, and enjoy life a little bit. Everything is going to kill you at some point, so why not enjoy yourself a little bit? Do you really need to live past 85? No, you don’t. Stop being scarred of all the little particles in the air.  Geesh, people are such chicken shits, scarred of their own...

Very Funny

Check out this link to the Super Deluxe web site. On it you will find Episodes of Derek & Simon directed by Bob Odenkirk. Each one is about four minutes long and usually pretty damn funny. The one with Michael Cera (who was great on Arrested Development) called Sweet Tits is good. They are all good really, so enjoy....

SOON, SOON. You’re a Balloon!

The cleansing rain is neigh upon us. So be prepared you sinners and reprobates.  All New, All fresh, with a brand new attitude that says “Hey, Fuck off. I’ll cram them down your Goddamn Throat if I have to.  Now let’s do this the easy way and have a few drinks first.”  Be on the ball, and ready to open your hearts and minds. Soon my children, Soon.

God Bless the Pogues

I was getting ready to go to bed last night and my lover was watching TV in bed. I heard a very familiar song, and then realized that it was a commercial and I ran into the room to see what it was for. I was very happy to hear Sunny Side of the Street by the Pogues (HELL’S DITCH CD) being played in a Cadillac Commercial. Yeah, I know, it’s weird when you hear some one you admire and whose music you love being played on a commercial. I was glad though. You know why? Because even though Shane MacGowan hated that album, I’m thrilled that he is finally getting some money out of being so fucking brilliant. I hope it helps him get a few more lagers. It made me smile, and it helped me realize that even though some things may not get the recognition it should when it’s around, someday it will. I hope ALL the POGUES made some nice change off of it. GOD BLESS THE POGUES, and SHANE, they have brought me much happiness and it’s time they got something for it. Pogues on...

Four More New Episodes of SLTM (The Podcast)

That’s right, Four more NEW Episodes of SLTM (The Podcast) and then a nice long break for summer. Look For Episode 15 to kick off the last four new ones Tomorrow (May 8th) and then Episode 18 to rap it up on May 29th. It’s a half hour to forty minutes of Independent Music and a blathering idiot in between. So check it out. To send material for play on SLTM (The Podcast) just pop it into the Post to SLTM PO Box 14 Tuscola, IL 61953. You’ll be glad you did. Tomorrow then? Okay. Bye...

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