Broken Field Runner – Clear a Heaven so this Earth can breath- Music Review


Broken Field Runner
Clear a heaven so this earth can breath
Black Numbers

Emotional without sounding overwrought. That’s not easy to do. Comes off like a bridge between Jimmy Eat World’s “bleed American” and “Futures” albums. Back in the days when Jimmy Eat World was relevant. By the way, why the hell are they re-releasing Bleed American and Futures on Vinyl? Besides money. “Each Evening” is a nice emotional note and further proof that this band can play a nice emotional song without over laying it. “Clear a Heaven” seems to be about the financial collapse in the late 2000’s, the advantage taken by some people. Those who don’t seem to have a problem taking advantage of those weaker than them. Or maybe it’s just about being good. I always read too much into stuff.

“I’m in a bad way”, careful there fellas you’re running out of the field of play to the warning track before the fence. Tracking closely into power pop friendly deep center field. Any closer to the fence and it’s time to put a UK after your name.

By the way, “Peace of Feelings” is your single. It’s got all of the strengths of the band in it, well sang lead vocals, good harmonies, and a bit of foreboding and longing. Plus a floor to the edge of the cliff ending. Here is the song that defines BFR, you don’t like this? Then you’re not going to like this LP.

I took a different approach to the third time I listened to this release. I listened to the last four songs.

Yeah, “Peace of Feelings” is definitely the single here.

When something like this is so easy to digest I worry that people will decide it’s fate before every realizing that not everything is roughage or Naked Lunch. That there are those shiny objects in life that are okay to posses and enjoy. “Clear a Heaven” calls to mind an acoustic, quieter moment with the Old 97’s.

*This review was written through dictation, with Brad yelling through the toilet door to his assistant. Some of the words may not make sense, but then again neither does Brad. We hope you like reading words. Thank you and goodnight. brad@fatrobotradio.com *

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