Braidedveins Future/Forever Music Review

Braidedveins Future/Forever Music Review


Save Your Generation Records

Got a little Snapcase in them, which is a band that I follow and love, even though Snapcase is broken up. Man do I hope there is another Snapcase Record Store Day release this year.

Back to Braidedveins. Look, I know there is a lot of music out there, and there is no way you can find it or listen to it all. I know also that there is a lot of hardcore/hard rock out there to digest and enjoy. Sure. Since bandcamp came along, really there is no need not to check out as many bands as you can. You can stream this release on the Save Your Generation Records bandamp page, do it while your bored out of your mind at work.

Look at it this way. I didn’t find Snapcase until Victory Records sent me their last CD for review in my zine, SLTM (the Zine). I wish I had found them earlier, I wish I had bought Progression Through Unlearning when it first came out. Don’t miss out on Braidedveins , a fine hardcore/hard rock band. Someday in the future this band may break up, and along you’ll stumble into Exile On Main Street Records (although it will be called Exiled away from Main Street by that time when it makes it’s fourth and final move into the back half of Ducky’s Formal Wear on University), find Future/Forever in the used records, remember (not all that likely) that I mentioned it was a really good hard rock/hardcore record and you’ll plunk down the $1.50 for it. You’ll get home to the crappy apartment you share with your Uncle Vic (he was in a nasty helicopter accident in the 1960’s and can’t eat his own soup), put the record on and be excited you found a good band you can follow and enjoy only to find out they broke up after their third record.

I’ve listened to, talked about, reviewed, played, enjoyed, and seen a lot of music (yes seen, as in live) and I know what catches my ears after all these years. It’s bands like this, bands that I am glad that I’m still looking and listening for new sounds. You should too, give Braidedveins a try. Don’t snapcase them like I did with Snapcase.


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